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Warburtons HexB

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by PotterMrs, 23 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. PotterMrs

    PotterMrs Full Member

    OK, so this morning I'm browsing a popular networking site when I come across a post on a SW group I follow, it was a pic if 3 slices of warburtons wholemeal bread on a set of scales, she said that even the 3 slices were still less than 60g so she was going to have 4 and cut off the excess! Personally I have never weighed my bread, I just believed the book and had 2 slices of the small loaf and 1 of the big! Now I feel like iv been cheated if bread! I don't have bread that often as I really don't think it's worth it for what little you get, but now I'm gonna reconsider! Has anybody else found this?
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  3. moolumps

    moolumps Full Member

    I noticed this the other day when I weighed out bread to make breadcrumbs and went back to check my book. It does say 60g of any wholemeal bread, I think the one big/two small slice must be just a guide, rather than weighing out odd bits of bread!

    Similar to this is the Kingsmill Great White... it has the same amount of fibre as wholemeal so you can use it as a hexb but (according to my consultant) SW won't add it to the list because the slices/weights don't match. I found the Great White rolls are pretty much exactly 60g and won't worry myself too much if it was 3g either way!

  4. PotterMrs

    PotterMrs Full Member

    I love the great white bread. But have only eaten it when having an off day, never used it when on plan. My consultant said its 1 round is 1 hexb plus 1 syn. But with it not being on the site or in any books I'm a bit iffy as to use it incase I end up sabotaging myself! Do you use it often and does it work for you?
  5. moolumps

    moolumps Full Member

    I don't use it often, I tend to have cereal as my hexb, when I do buy bread I struggle to get through a loaf before it goes mouldy - how times have changed!! Someone in my consultant's FB group actually contacted SW about it and they said that if you weigh out 60g then you absolutely can use it as your hexb so don't worry about it! I wish they did a small loaf though, one slice of toast feels wrong! I have been having poached eggs on small wholemeal toast for my breakfast recently, as it's the summer holidays so I have more time but really I'm not that keen on wholemeal bread and would prefer great white.
    One thing I really miss is proper white toast with thick peanut butter...
  6. PotterMrs

    PotterMrs Full Member

    I'm the same with bread, I used to keep it in the freezer and get out what I wanted as and when but my freezer is now that full of ready prepared meals iv not got the room and because I don't eat so much bread anymore it's going off! I miss golden toast with loadsa dripping butter smothered in chocolate spread or jam!! Mmmmm
  7. Five-By-Five

    Five-By-Five feeling positive :)

    Have you tried weighing and separating a loaf into daily HexB portions? Put it in a freezer bag and squeeze it in where you can. Iv found the ice cube tray ( the thin tray at the top of a freezer) is really handy to store it in as if it's in portions it saves lots of room.
    And you can keep out enough in portions to see you through to it's use by date.
    Not being funny but once breads been frozen it's not as.. Nice and fluffy.
    It's great to have fresh bread (especially when it's in handy controlled portion sizes) (Y) x
  8. Nanny Doreen

    Nanny Doreen Gold Member

    Just weighed 3 slices of Warburtons 400g and it came to 67g. 2 was only 44-47g.

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