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Warning to anyone about to start CD

Starting the cambridge Diet is a massive undertaking and a decision not to be taken lightly.

Since a lot of new people will probably be joining us in the new year I thought I should point out a few of the lesser known side effects of what I like to call 'Cambridge Diet Shrinking Syndrome'...

1) Empty pockets. You will undoubtedly be spending less money on the diet than on your average weekly shop. You will however find that your clothes bills are rather large as you shrink down the sizes dramatically. A dress size a month I have found so far. A further side effect of rapid shrinking can be that you are a) constantly hitching those trousers up, or b) a permanent belt wearer.

2) Shopping obsession. Clothes, handbags, shoes, belts, make-up. Yes, we're beautiful and we deserve it.

3) A big head. From all the compliments you will recieve.

4) Mirror-philia. You wont want to stop staring into the damn things, and they'll pop up all around your house so you can catch sneaky glimpses of your fab new bod.

5) Growth in height. Shoulders back, walking tall and proud, and not afraid to be seen.

Feel free to add any more.

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Back on track, not yet back in ketosis but give it time. My size 14 skinny jeans are hanging off, and I only bought them 2weeks ago. Not going to buy 12s though, just going to grit my teeth and aim for 10s by end of january. That'd be the best Christmas present ever (barring my sparkly engagement ring last Christmas of course).


Hair today - gone tomorra
Like it! its a good thing to help the doubtful new starters to discover the side effects

surprisingly I can relate to most of those you mentioned - even the shopping one (always been in touch with my feminine side LOL) but I think there are a couple more

1. The inability to stop smiling every time you catch your reflection and remember the way you used to look away
2. Actually seeing someone you quite like and respect looking back out at you from the mirror
3. Being able to go into NORMAL shops to buy clothes (if lost a lot of weight) - and buy things without an X in the size
4. Being able to go to the gym without wanting to die of embarrassment
5. starting to think the other sex might not just run away screaming if you try talking to them (or at least you'd be able to catch them now LOL)
6. Cheaper life insurance
7. Improved health - less colds/sniffles
8. Massive improvement in energy levels
9. Life becomes fun as you can do more
10. People want to sit next to you on public transport - BECAUSE THEY CAN
11. Alton Towers - yes, you can fit on the rides

I'm sure there are many others but these are ones experienced so far in addition to the ones you listed LOL
People want to sit next to you on public transport - BECAUSE THEY CAN....lol love this one and the alton towers one..
another is to sit comfortably on an airplane as the seats always seem to small..im not quite there yet but hope to be soon..
when you get a hug, the other person can wrap you in there arms..... instead of hanging on to your lurveeeee handles!!!!
Hey pony, great thread, Wait for your size 10's and get a fabulous pair in the Sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xx
1. Being able to leap about the living room and dance to music without breaking out in a sweat
2. Able to walk without sweaty legs rubbing together
3. Able to cross legs x lush!
4. Getting chatted up by the good looking boy that bullied me at school - and telling him to F-off (BEST MOMENT EVER!)
5. Buying a Size 8 from Primark and walking past Evans
6. Trying on long boots and knowing they will do up
7. Eating food in the street and not feeling guilty
8. Sitting on the plane and not asking for an extention
9. Being picked up by my boyfriend
10. Wearing skinny jeans


please try again
being able to put the table on a plane down in the right place to eat ur meal, not have to balance it on your stomach al la heavy pregnant women


Hair today - gone tomorra
being able to put the table on a plane down in the right place to eat ur meal, not have to balance it on your stomach al la heavy pregnant women
I'm with you there - it was a defining moment for me in June and I burst into tears as I had never been able to do that - soft jessy that I am LOL

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