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WARNING: vanity inside! - recent photo (you may have seen it)

Hey! I put this in an update of my 'before and during' thread so you may have seen it already, but my OH took this pic of me yesterday and I was thrilled at how different I look!

I'm convinced that it's an incredibly flattering picture - I've always been photogenic, and it makes me feel like a fraud because I don't feel like I look like this in real life, but even so, I think I've come a long way and it's inspiring me to keep plodding on and STOP blipping!

Hopefully it can inspire some of you too :) (for my before, look in the 'before and after' section)

This is me 2st 12lbs down, and 11weeks in:

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Happiest Girl :D
WOW! You look amazing! Where did you get those shoooooes!! I love em! <3


Staff member
You look amazing:wow::wow::wow:

Love the outfit:)
Thank you Mini :D I haven't been able to wear the dress for 3 years because I was too big!


Happiest Girl :D
:D thank you!


I β™₯ CD !!
amazing hun love the outfit
You look gorgeous!!! where's the before pic though? Can't see it in your album....
Yes I agree with everything that had been - absolutely stunning. Well done!!

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Gold Member
Thanks for putting the link Lily, what a diff! you've done so well and you absolutely look great!


Must do it this time
Looking good hun,well done
Thanks Lily for doing that, I should've put it in the original post really! Thanks everyone, I'm so pleased :) maybe I can even get my legs out soon with this beautiful weather!

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