Was a size 22...now I can get into 2 size 14 skirts!!!


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Golly. My weight hasnt changed for 3 weeks but as of today I can get into size 14 skirts and I have been able to feel my ribs. Golly, that's a surprise, I thought I would have to lose at least another stone if not 2 to get into a size 14....
....so yipeee!:553:
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Congratulations Angie :D


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hi angie,
I like you have just started to fit into size 14's... the first time a size 14 fit i was convinced they had mistakenly sewn a 14 label in and they were a 16 really :8855:
After not fitting into 14's since my teens (20 years ago) its still a shock :eek::eek:
And i too can feel my pelvis / hip bone, wake up each morning and feel it, small things eh;);)
Enjoy :8855:


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Thats brilliant!! I'm only an inch shorter than you so hope when I'm where you are I can fit in one as well. You've given me renewed hope...:)


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S: 17st13lb C: 16st6lb G: 14st10lb BMI: 34 Loss: 1st7lb(8.37%)
Thanks for the comments guys! I was sure I couldnt get into a 14 until I was nearer 11.7, maybe the weight has redistributed itself since my 20's? all I know is that my scales are telling I am not losing but my clothes are. I am not so sure I believe it! I might need to be several months at my new weight not to keep thinking I am size 20+


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Well done Angie, that's great news - bet it feels great :)

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Well done! can't wait to be in the same boat as you!


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Wow Angie you look fab, you must be really proud of yourself. Well done you!


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Well done!!! Ahh can't wait to get there, must be a brilliant feeling.


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well done you x


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Wow well done Angie!! I only got into size 14s at 12.7 and am still in them now at 11.9 :( but that's great news :) am really chuffed for ya!!

You'll be a 12 in no time :D keep up the amazing work xxx


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Well done hunnie! :D