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was ready to give up :(


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well been on Lt now for 3 half weeks was going ok had a hard 3rd week but thought the weight loss would boost me but week 4 has been tourture been feeling weak and dizzy and yesterday i was so down felt like i cant do this its too hard i am ok all day but tea time is horrible i have 3 boys and a hubby and they eat healthy but i find it so hard as i really crave there food then i was waiting to have my last shake till 8pm so i was full for bed but think i need to have it at tea time 5pm with them was in a mess last night woke up a bit better this am seem to lose my will power throughout the day feel such a wimp as i am only on week 4 and have long way to go think i will ask nurse if i can set a goal for refeed for a few weeks then maintain for a bit before tfr again to lose the rest anyone done this thanks all sorry to go on xx
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Hey Jonesy,

I'm in weeks 7 and am finding this week a bit of a struggle. At least you have resisted so far, I have had a few nibbles of chicken and am so cross with myself, its so not worth it. Feeling a bit better today like yourself and for once I am not dreading the weekend, I am leaving the cooking to everyone else!
I am thinking of doing similar to you and refeeding for a couple of weeks on hols then coming back to TFR. Was worried about having a few glasses of vino but as the hols approach I am now more concerned about at least 1 adult being completely sober. (Bit of a change for me!!)

Keep your head held high, you are doing well!!!


I will be skinny again!!!
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Im sorry your feeling down, Dont really know what to suggest to be honest, but personally I think stopping and trying to restart again will be even harder!

Are you feeling physically ill or just mentally?

Why not take some pictures and compare them to when you first started? you will be surprised at the difference you see

Hope all is well soon xxxx


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thank all chelly i do think its mental low to be honest food was a big comfort which is why i am on this diet feel more motivated now just going to get through this hubby took me shopping and i fitted ito new look 16 jeans i am so happy i have been 18-20 for so long so something is changing hubby going to do cooking today and i will take it day at a time thanks for the support i need to lose weight no question about it and i am demtermined to get it off for christmas so i can go to the christmas party and not hid away like i have been in the past x x


I will be skinny again!!!
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Glad you feeling better chicken xxx


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Hi jonesy, my stats are similar to yours and I am struggling too - my 3rd WI is on Wednesday morning - I'm wishing my days away.

I too have small kids, two boys 4 and 2. (and a husband). My husband does the majority of the cooking and we both work full time, so the only issue is the weekend (cooking for the children). Roast dinner is my worst - :cry:.

I have considered sooo many things - a quick bite of the sandwich won't do any harm (but thats what got me to the state I am in now !). Kids were winding me up this morning, so I took them to the local indoor play area (slides, ball pools etc). They were hungry - it was nearing lunch time, they asked for a bacon butty - the man on the next table was having one - it smelt soo nice - the kids ones arrived, they smelt even nicer ! I had to put red sauce on them and then NOT lick my fingers - torture!:(

They then had an icecream for dessert.

I don't know if I can manage 12 weeks in total (roughly) - but I'm taking each day, sometimes each minute at a time.

Keep focused and keep on here - I find filling my time with surfing helps ! Don't break - remember why you are doing this - 21 days to create a habit - nearly there!

Good luck, loads of supportive hugs.:grouphugg:
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Hi hun we all have had these down moments, when you are not feeling 100%o it . Just try and plod on and you will get back into it good luck xxxx


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I agree that to restart might be more difficult. You will overcome this feeling it's not easy I know. I was ready to give up week 3 and the chemist told me to try one more week and I thought okay one more week but thats it, to be honest I never looked back im so glad I stuck with it. I know we are all different though so good luck on whatever:) you decide to do.


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Hi Jonsey,
sorry you are having a hard time, I really hope you are feeling better today. There is so much written here about week 3 being one of the toughest weeks, perhaps it has something to do with what Nerac said about 21 days to create a habit, therefore when that week is over you should start feeling better. I know you say you are on week 4 but there is only days in between really. Week 7 seem to be a tough one as well ( as Theresa is saying) but it doesn't mean you will find it so. This could be your tough one and once you fight it you will come out the other side stronger for it. I have 3 small boys I cook for every day and I must admit at this stage I don't even think about it, it is just another job like washing or brushing the floor.
You have done so well over the last 3 weeks, don't undo it now. You are worth doing this for. Best of luck.
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Hey hope your feeling better

Keep at it as difficult as it is sometimes refeed is harder imo to control so grass isnt greener lol trust me on that haha

Best of luck

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