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Was thinking about stepping up to SS+....

Phoned my CDC, spoke to her about it. I feel Id really like a little food, and she said it's fine for me to move up to SS+. I told my b/f, and he said 'breaking another diet are we' I tried to explain that thst's not the case, and that I was really getting fed up with not eating, to which, his response was, ' you're fed up not eating, you're fed up being overweight, you can't have it all' It has put me on a real downer, don't want him thinking Ive failed....AGAIN.:cry:
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Im not too clued up on the diet so im not sure tbh! I have my first appointment on Saturday eek!

If your CDC said its okay then i would of thought it is. x
Hi hun,

I had a similar response from my OH, after a week on SS I thought I was going to die! I broached the subject with him and he said "do what you want" but in a really negative tone, showed that he thought i was just "giving up" so I went all arrogant and stubborn and refused to let him think I was failing - I got all the little booklets out and showed him the steps - when he could see that little pink Step one and that ss and ss+ were actually both step one he shut up about it! it also made him realise how hard it is as he didnt realise i was consuming so little calories! he thought the shakes were similar to slimfast and that i was having around 1000-1200! so it has helped him understand it better! I too live tuna as my SS+ meal choice! I've just had it actually with lettuce and some picked cabbage!

I can't give examples of MY loss as this is only my second week on CD, and my first on SS+ but can say that I assume the losses to be VERY similar because it's not even a step up the plan, they're both classed as step one.

Good luck dietingdon! here's to a good loss for you this week!!


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