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I've started my first day on S&S today and so far so good. I wanted to find out if anyone has just had 3 products a day without the meal? I done Cambridge a year ago and I was taking 3 products a day which worked out approx 400-415 cals a day which is the same amount of calories if you use 3 S&S products. I know the nutrients aren't the same as Cambridge but if I take multi vitamins daily surely that will be fine. The S&S website only says it recommends you have a meal with 3 products, it doesn't say it's essential. Just wanted to know if anyone else does this?
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Hi, I have 4 packs a day without a meal. I take a multi-vitamin and a cod liver oil capsule each morning. Losses are great.

I don't agree at all with what jezzi said.


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Jezzi is right, which ever way you do it, make sure you have all that is recommended.

You don't want to be ill or overly hungry by limiting the packs for no reason.

I have 4 packs + 200g veg + 150ml skimmed milk + half a pack of jelly + 1 x can of Coke Zero + 1 or 2 mugs of Buillon + Zero Noodles and I'm losing a lot of weight, Fast!

You might even lose weight slower if you restrict too much!


S: 11st1lb G: 8st7lb
Hi guys, thanks for your replies. Hope I've not started an argument. What you say does make sense so I think I'll do it the correct way. Last thing I wasn't to do is make myself ill. Appreciate the advice. Just had the chilli and really enjoyed it. If the rest of the packs are like that I'll be very happy :)