Minimins gal x
Hello everyone,have a general question and just wondered what youre oppinions are on this subject.
I am now on Slimming world and am doing ok have lost 18.5 lbs in 2 weeks,but i suffer with water retention,i am on water tabs from the doc which work for the first 3 hrs going to the loo every 20 mins or so.
I have not been drinking much at all most prob 3/4 ltr of water which i know is naughty.
I am now drinking 2.5 ltrs of water daily for the last few days but it is diluted with very weak sugar free squash as i dont like plain water,but even drinking that amount of water i am still not going to the toilet very often in the afternoon.

Do u know if it makes any difference to my weight loss or water retention probs if i drink weak sugar free squash compared to plain water and is 2.5 ltrs a day enough as i am struggling with that amount already.
Thanks xx
Hi Roch, I don't think sugar free squash will really affect your weight loss.. You only need a tiny bit anyway to make it up and there's hardly any calories in it! Don't you worry, you should be fine :)
Hi Roch.. I agree with Zareena, the sugar free squash should have no significant effect on your weight loss or your fluid retention problem... At the end of the day you will still be losing fat on a reduced calorie diet like Slimming World even if the scales don't show it sometimes because of the water retention.
It might be an idea to try a body fat monitor and record your progress like that aswell instead of relying solely on the scales.. I know how demoralising it can be when they don't paint an accurate picture of your progress. On the whole scales are a great guide, but they don't always tell the full story!!!

love xxxxx:)
Hi Roch

I read an interesting article somewhere (I am sure it was on minimins) about drinking water. I also had a good convo with my LLC about it and the more you drink the less you retain. I suffer from water retention and my counsellor advised me to drink more to flush it out - unfortunately I can't remember the "science" behind it but it seemed to make sense (or maybe I am gullible and will believe anything).
On slimming world you can have sugar free squashes but there are some that you have to count a syns !!!!!

Just be careful and look them up before you drink loads.

I know that the tescos sugar free blackcurrant and apple and tropical are free but that is all i know.

If you have trouble finding out let me know my neighbour is runs a sw group.
Hi Roch,

During TOTM you can expect to retain water, 5lbs. would be very common.

If your body is dehydrated it will also hold onto water and if you have too much salt in your diet which can be hidden in things like baked beans, packet soup, cereal etc.

Being active helps with water retention also.

Love Mini xxx
I'm soo bloated at the moment, its so annoying! I've upped my water intake to about 4.5-5L/day and I haven't noticed any improvement yet. I know it is because TOTM is round the corner but even yet so...:mad:
Im a bit the same this week with water retention, its just today when I have noticed me going to the loo loads so hopefully its on its way out, everytime I go and come back down stairs I need to go again!!!!!

Ah well, at least Im active up and down the bl**dy stairs all the time, think ill have to move house with a downstairs loo!!!