Water flavorings..


Needs to stick to it!!!
I know this is probably in here somewhere but i couldnt see anything...Just got water flavor off my cdc this week and oh yum lol what a difference it makes to the water!!!
Now the question be... ...how much of it are we allowed?
I noticed you can make jelly mmm theres a thought ;)

So if there is a limit are they seperate limits?Like say a pint of water and pint of jelly type of thing...or can we just use it at our leisure..
Is this makin sense at ALL???LOL
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CD have introduced a limit, but I didnt use flavourings so I dont know what it is, someone will be along to clarify soon x


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:eek: I didn't think there was a limit on how many you had. Normally I mix up two 1.5l bottles every other day. On a bad day 4-5 litres of the stuff.

I'll keep posted for an answer.


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My cdc said 1 1/2 teaspoons a day but that would make up loads with the orange and berry, the veg one needs about a teaspoon to make it and thats about ten calories and she said to have no more than 3 teaspoons a day, i surpose each cdc will say simular but it does not say on tubs how much to have or not to have.


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I had the same question, now, my CDC had 4 t-spoons a day. If it makes you drink more water, then it should not hurt. CD says 1 teaspoon a day. The veg is different, you have that in 250ml of hot water like a soup. Can't say I love it but sometimes it's nice to have a savory mug of drink at night when it's cold (All the bluddy time for me in ketosis!!!)

I hope this advice helps x:)