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water gain


its a long road
hi everyone,

i know its my own fault but i got on the scales this morning after getting on them yesterday morning and id put on 4lbs :cry: but the thing is other than getting on the scales again the next day i haven't cheated :( stuck to my nurse set calorie limit had over my 5 a day and drank lots

could this be water weight if so how can I loose this :( Im a bit worried that the Xenical isn't working as im hardly going to the loo at all let alone having side effects :(

anybody got any advice?
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Are you drinking lots of water? Water retention is cured by drinking even more water-strange but true.

Generally I've been ok in the poo department but I've tried to keep my fibre levels high. Are you using MFP to help track?

Good luck & try not to hop on the scales every day.
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hiya amy,
im the same in every way.. i think obsessing about the scales aint healthy, although easier said than done!.. everyone has there opinion about how much water to drink.. i saw dr hillary talking about this the other week and he stated that your body self regulates and if you drink when your thirsty that usually is enough! unless of course you are told to drink more or less! .. some one will im sure pop in and say thats rubbish... but if you dig deep enough, aint most of the "you must drink/eat this advise you read??
far as the toilet issue im the same also!.. i go every few days, some times with a little help "senna" and get no tango effects what so ever!! just a few toot's so not a bad thing! if your sticking to the rules "best you can" the scales will give you the thumbs up at some point!! :family2:


its a long road
thank you for the advice :) im glad im not the Only one Sam :)

im not going to weigh my self till my official weigh in day of Wednesday now .....so hopefully will see a difference!

I know a lot of people rave about MFP but its not for me good old fashioned pen and paper for me and the calorie intake of 1800 calories told to me by the doctor so it works for me :)

First Zumba class for me tonight so hopefully that will help

thanks again everyone

Amy x
Hi was not loosing much when I first started and I was on 1800 cals, and feeling bloated.. Last 2 weeks I lowered my cals to 1500 and took a few senna / senakot tablets. And they really helped the weight just disappeared.. Lol

The small amount of weight I have lost over 1st mth- was really lost in last 2 weeks.

I have purchased some aloe Vera juice which is ment to help with bloating and staying regular.. Which I hope will help with the weight loss.

I really like my zumba classes.. Was ment to go tonight but kids playing up, so didn't make it.. Bring on tomorrow have another zumba class to go to.


its a long road
I discovered what the water gain was from, ovulation pains started two days ago and stopped last night so must have been that :)

so at least i understand it now :)


Violet is shrinking
Scale hopping isn't a good idea hun, it will send you crazy and will make you quite sad when the numbers are changing so oddly. You loss and gain weight throughout the day, that nothing is accurate, the best weight that's accurate is a weekly weigh in, roughly the same time of day and wearing roughly the same clothing :)


its a long road
I know Bunny_hops its a terrible habbit ive given them to my mum and sh is going to leave them out for me on a Thursday morning as of now so I wont be able too scale hop :) yay x

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