WATER: How much is too much?


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Hi everyone,

I'm new to LL (day 1 today). Very excited at the prospect of slimming down from a size 18 to my target size 12. I have spoken with many people who say the more water you drink, the more weight you will shed. How true is this? Will I continuously lose more if I drink more than my required 4 litres? Today I have drunk 6 litres and feel very bloated, although regular trips to the loo are helping! Is there such a thing as a certain amount being too much? :confused:

What are peoples experiences with water? For those who drank more than four litres, what has yr weight loss been?

This site is great, very inspirational, good luck everyone!
Hi hun - there's definitely a limit on how much you can drink - it's about 10 litres BUT if you are shorter and with a smaller frame, it might be much less than this.

I'm 5' 7" with a medium to large frame (goddammit! lol) and can happily drink up to 7 litres a day with no ill effects. I know that other people might get poorly on the same amounts, so I would say to deffo drink more than 4 and less than 7 and see how you get on.

You really don't want to flush out your body salts, so don't go mad!

Oh and yes - the more water you drink, the more weight you lose as a general rule. If one of my clients has a disappointing weightloss one week, it's usually because they haven't drunk enough water!

Oh and WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to the site and to the start of your new life - it's very, very exciting!!!!!!!

Look forward to hearing all about your journey!
Yes, you CAN drink too much water - look up "water intoxication" on Google. It is also important not to drink it too fast - no more than 1 litre per hour is the guideline I have read.
During my weight loss, I drank between 4-5 litres per day.

Hi pantherxchic,

I think you need to work out whats right for you as others say. But don't go too mad or you can flush out important things like pottasium. I drink at least 5 litres as if I only have 4 litres my LLC always says I am dehyrated. So I need more all the time ! Just about fit it in before bedtime !

Good luck with LL. I am on week 9 now and am loving it. I can do this diet and I am never hungry. Hope its the same for you !