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Water - is there a limit to how much?

Hello - had an iffy couple of weeks and have struggled to be honest. Still not hit the 1 stone off mark and this is my 5th week.

After a "fat day" yesterday - when I was in tears - have started yesterday and today with renewed enthusiasm.

Am swimming at lunchtimes and walking at night and drink about 8 pints or more of water a day.

But is this too much or does it not matter???
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I drink around 4-5 litres a day depending how I am feeling, The least I will drink daily is 3l,
Dont forget the more you drink the more you shrink.
I think the most you can drink is about 6litres..

Hope this helps..

8 pints is fine, it works out at about 4 and three quarter litres.

In answer to your other question you can drink too much water as it starts to remove the bodies natural salts and sugars, which is fairly dangerous. It's impossible to put a number on how many litres one individual should consume, as we're all very different.

What you're drinking sounds good, but i may be corrected by someone else.
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at my training day i asked this question... as well as many others lol...

no there is no limit, this is what the medical director said.
as long as its spaced out over the entire day and not glugged in the space of 1 hour.

common sense will tell you how much to have in one go, and also your tummy! only so much you can have inside you!

so no excuses now, get drinking!!!!!!!!!!!


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I think if you drink about 17 litres a day something goes wrong with your electrolytes (or something to that effect) but your chances of drinking that much are slim.
i drink all the time, 2litres of water when get up.
throught the night another 2litres of water.
throught the day about 8l. so about 12litres
thats not every day,
in winter about 4 to 5litres. a day
in summer 12litres and above a day.
we r all different, drink what your body can handle (cos too much water can make one sick).
:wow: still1 thats a lot of water, I thought I was drinking loads with 4-5 litres a day you must in the loo all the the time :)
Err the first week, i drank more water than was needed, and the 2nd week i held retention, so my advice is, DON'T DROWN!
lot water, salt, sugar don't go too well together. those 3 creat water retention. (my belief)
No salt or sugar is added to my diet, water retention never being a problem for me. but going to the loo every 5 mins is. Lol:D
:wow: still1 thats a lot of water, I thought I was drinking loads with 4-5 litres a day you must in the loo all the the time :)

i know, but my body can handle it and handle it well. thrush, cytisty, or any kind of kidney and urine infection r the things of the past.
i go to the loo every 5 to 10 mins.:sigh:
yes, and my radio, some books, and water keep my skin looking so young, yesterday i went to tesco to buy some wine for a birthday boy,
i was refuse sell until i proved, i was above 25 years. (it was such an embarrassement).

losing weight and a good amount of water drinking, keep me young what can i say but loving it. Lol
i am well above 25 years, and i cant stop smiling. i used to be rejected or laught at whenever i ask a guy to be my date or for his number, now iam the one doing the rejection, ha
i am new, i was refer here by my CDC.
i register i think at the end of july and post my first thread on 3rd august night and 4th morning.

i still don't know how to use the site.

please i do need help to move around,
where is that challenge and how to join?

(someone xplain to me about those green rep power and that was very kind).

Okay, well click here


Read the starter part, and then add your

id which is still1 and then add your first name
then add your cdc name and area
then add what you weigh now
and what you like to lose between 8th aug to 8th sept

Also rep power, is when someone thinks you have left good advice, and the tiny scales in the middle of the green circle and warning sign is the one you click to say someone has been helpful...

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