water retention


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Ok, this might sound a bit stupid.

Before my Diet i used to take water tablets due to feeling bloated at totm.

Is it ok to still take them on CD?
I get that bloated feeling for about 2 weeks every month, it really does my head in.

I know i am weeing loads obviously so would the water tablets make any difference anyway.

Not sure if they used to make a difference but in my head they did lol
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Not toally sure, but got this from CD website. I know you aren't having diurets for hypertension but might be worth getting it checked out


Diuretics (water tablets) are frequently used for the treatment of mild to moderate high blood pressure (hypertension). It is advisable for the doctor to reduce or stop diuretic medication before the Cambridge Diet is started.

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I can't give you a definitive answer on this one (we need a CDC - KD??) but thinking about it from a medical perspective (I was a nurse for a while), your kidneys are already under extra strain dealing with rapid weight loss and all the extra water you're currently drinking - so why put them under any more stress?

I suspect that taking water retention pills isn't recommended. You may even find that you don't suffer as much with water retention this month anyway. Ketosis can have an interesting effect on periods - but that's a whole other topic... :D


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Yes, best to avoid them. Cambridge, being ketogenic is already dehydrating. If you continue to get water retention during TOTM, all you can do is drink extra water and hang in there.


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hi im a cdc, advice "more water" it will help x