Water water water....


Day 1 for me so bear with me!

I want to stick to the plan 100%, but I am getting mixed information as to how much water I should drink. I am SS and 7 stone overweight. Now my Mum who has just moved into maintenance (well done Mum!) drinks about 5 litres a day :eek: but I am not sure if this is right or maybe too much!?

So how much? does water in green/peppermint tea or coffee count?

Thanks for your help

Depends what plan your on CD recommends 2 1/4 litres per day
LL recommends 4 litres per day
(these are the minimum.)
Your mum has done well Im sure she'll help you alot.Theres some good threads about water here and the other members know much more than me so Im sure they're soon reply
P.S Good luck :)

I would recommend 4 litres a day, every day, day in and day out, measure it out to make sure it is always 4 litres and you will give yourself the best chance of losing the weight as quickly as possible.

Thanks for the replies.

Would you say I am better sticking with plain water? I don't mind it, seem to able to drink more if it is not straight from the fridge!

Plain water, fizzy water, mineral water, spring water... doesn't make any difference really.

I always say don't drink it from the fridge as much harder to drink when it is cold. Also try and drink it from a hi-ball tumbler glass as I find that makes it easier as well.

You can use the Cambridge flavouring but new guidance is only 1 teaspoon a day.