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Water weight

I weighed myself after lunch (meant to do it first thing but forgot) and I was heavier than I was last Thursday (official wi) but fair enough, then I'd had no food/liquid.

I'm hoping it was all the water/tea that I had so far in the day. Is there any reason at all why I'd have put on weight? I haven't cheated (apart from a drop of the custard last night to check it was sweet enough for the kids, but it was literally a drop, the tip of a teaspoon).
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it will be just the time of day :D I always less in the morning. have you had lot of PVs since then?
I do one day PP/one day PV. Maybe I should do 2/2 or 3/3?


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No stick to whats easiest. I chop and change my mind all the time. mon-thurs pp and fri-sun PV
Think 1/1 is easier for me, will not fall off the wagon like that. Even if weight loss is a bit slower, I don't mind.

You have a will of iron doing so many PP days in a row!


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ah its only easy cos im at work and not able to go to the fridge :D
im finding the pp days ok still at the moment wouldnt worry Laura I had a gain and then a fall think it should even out in the end .We can hope !!!


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If you do 1/1, then one Thursday you'll be weighing post-PP, and the next post-PV... so you actually need to compare fortnightly Thursdays!

I'm a mathematician!


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I split atoms in my spare time!


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just remember water weighs 10lb/gallon so at 8 pints to the gallon that is 1.25lb per pint.
So if you usually weigh first thing before you have had anything to drink and then drink a pint of water you will be heavier.
Just a useless piece of information lol.

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