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I have been doing some research into why it's so important to drink lots of water relating to weight loss and I am so shocked by what I found out!

I should be drinking 7 litres of water per day in order for the bad retained water around my body (ie, ancles, hips, thighs and tummy) to be flushed out, to hydrate my skin and make it look plumper, and hydrate muscles which then makes excercising more effective! :eek:

You should be drinking 4 pints per day, plus 4 extra pints of water for every 25lb of excess weight...

Some experts even say that cold water is more effective in aiding weight loss, however its easier to drink larger amounts of room temp water.

I hope my research is correct :confused: - and i'm off to buy a couple of litre bottles tomorrow!!! :)
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That sound like an awful lot of water. I think your body would struggle to process that much .

I find the 2l bottle very handy. i take it up to my office with me and know I need to get through it over the day. I would pop on 7 litres!!
It does seem like a lot of water...all of the websites I have seen are very similar though and seem to be giving the same advice!

I have also found out that sometimes hunger pains can be confused with being dehydrated, and also that the water will obviously make you feel fuller making the urge to eat much less...

I'm willing to give it a go, so will let you all know how I get on.
Sorry guy's my calculations were all wrong as I got an F for maths at school im not entirely shocked by that!!

Here is the proper calculation...
Eight 8-ounce glasses of water is okay for the average person, but if you're overweight, you should drink another eight ounces for every 25 pounds of excess weight you carry. You should also up this if you live in a hot climate or exercise very intensely.

Mine's come out at 2.5 litres per day which sounds much more like it!! lol


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Sorry guy's my calculations were all wrong
LOL. Glad you got that sorted. I could imagine all your organs doing breast stroke around your body :D

BTW, it is a myth about the extra water for fat loss. 2L is fine for a healthy eating plan, also more if you are thirsty or if it's hot (your body will let you know).

also, other calorie 'free' drinks such as tea and coffee also count. It doesn't have to be just water. Honest ;)
Phew I am relieved i think my kidneys would have gone off on holiday. must say the whole thread did give me good nudge though to make sure I'm having enough water. its easy at work as the bottle sits on my desk willing me to have it but on days off and running round with the kids its not quite so much a part of my routine.....so thanks for the reminder!


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I must say I love fresh water. It's the only healthy thing I have always done to always have around 2 litres a day!
Yep I'm a water freak too, have been for years. Won't go out the house without a bottle, get through at least 3 litres a day.


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I can't go out without a bottle either. I always have some in my bag. I panic if I am anywhere and don't have any. And I have a bottle next to my bed at night. I feel really thirsty at the thought of it!

*gulps water*
Yep same as me, if I go out without my bottle it's terrible, and I may only be going out for 15 mins lol! Bottle by the bed at night too!


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My boyfriend thinks I have OCD about having water with me. But still, it's a healthy obsession to have at least!
Yes 2-3 litres should be about right depending on body weight. And it is a good thing to do as part of any weight loss program you are following.
I drink between 8 - 10 pints of water a day, that plus green tea and normal tea.

I almost fell off my chair when I read the 7 litres. LMAO

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