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Wavering a bit today


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Hi folks! Just needed to post for some support. Had a rough day (work stuff) and the thought of stuffing this diet in actually crossed my mind this afternoon! I can't believe I was almost so weak as I've been so motivated thus far (I'm 11 days in without a hint of a lapse).

The moment passed and I'm feeling better now for not giving in, but it was a little too close for comfort.

I think I'm just down on the diet just now as I've not moved a pound after attack (I know that's normal when moving to cruise) but I also put on 2lbs because of a bad TOTM... like salt in the wound. I had 2x back-to-back PP days because I was feeling ill and hardly ate a thing, but still nothing... not a budge. I'm even exercising loads.

I know I'm doing really well with the no lapses and sticking it to so well (including the water and oat bran), but I guess its just the nature of being on a diet that motivation needs to slip sometimes... :(.

I'm at book club with the girls in a bit - hope I perservere!! There will be loads of nibbles and wine (but thankfully I volunteered to drive so temptation to drink).

Also hoping I'll survive tomorrow - there are like 5 families meeting all day to watch the wedding... from breakfast straight through tea time. Chums know what I'm on, so I've been told there will be plenty of Dukan-friendly stuff (good friends :)).

Okay, I've babbled on enough... just needed to get off my chest and my husband's not the best sympathetic ear (as sweet as he is, he'd just try to offer a solution!)
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sorry you've had a bad day Jess, but well done for not giving in! Don't worry about not having lost since attack, I think as you go through this diet your body does need periods of adjustment to catch up to what you're doing - i know i've experienced several spells where the scales haven't moved. after the initial excitement of seeing the scales move so dramatically in the first few days you almost come to expect it every day but it's never going to happen like that. Stick with it and the scales will definitely start moving again.

Good luck for tomorrow, I'm sure you'll be fine - how nice to have such friends who will take such good care of you when you're on a diet. Just remember what you've achieved so far, and you'll be able to resist any naughties, consider what coming out of ketosis means, and the effort to get back in - I think you'll be fine tomorrow! :)


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As Em says, you've done well to keep going.

Sometimes I think that weighing yourself too often can be a really bad thing as it doesn't give an accurate sense of achievement or the direction of weight loss; you just end up being acutely aware of any fluctuations (particularly when they're gains) and of staying at the same weight.

Why not try weighing yourself once per week only? That's what I and some others do, and it helps to prevent, or at least minimise, any disappointment or panic regarding what the scales tell you.

Gains or STS during TOTM is perfectly normal. Occasionally, you can gain around 4lbs or so - but you must remind yourself that this is only temporary water retention and it will dissipate.

Keep to the diet and you'll see the scales moving the right direction again, I'm sure of it.


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I'm only on day four so can't talk with any authority, but it makes sense that there are going to be days when it doesn't seem to be going in the direction you want. Well done for keeping going.

From my point of view, thanks for posting is as it gives me some idea of what to expect.


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Well done for resisting jess! I have to say i agree with the weighing thing. personally my weight fluctuates on a daily basis so I weigh myself after a week or so. I can tell
I've lost weight by my clothes. That's just me though. Think u get more of a boost whn u hvent weighed yourself for some time then one day you are a lot of pounds lighter. Last time I weighed myself I was 5lbs down after 10 days. I couldn't believe it I stood and stared at scales for fives minutes and got on and off a few times just to check lol. I wouldn't worry :) xx
I was in the habit of hopping on the scales every 5 mins but I find it a bigger motivation to fit into clothes I've not being able to for ages and being able to go upstairs without getting so breathless. The scales have now become of secondary importance. Really I wish I'd done my measurements before I started


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Thanks again ladies for all the positive comments! I agree about the weighing as well - I used to only weigh 1x a week (non-dieting) but then when I started Dukan it was with coaching and I had to report weight every day. Think I'll reduce to Tuesdays/Fridays for scales.

Royal Wedding festivities were GREAT today. Had such a blast, but felt rubbish again all day (my gut just keeps cramping.) Slipped slightly in having a couple of glasses of champagne to toast the wedding couple, but that was it. Hardly even ate as I wasn't 100%! Having a peppermint tea and making it an early night.

Thanks again - its been helpful! Have a great weekend folks :).
Pleased you had a good day jess. I thought the wedding was amazing Kate looked absolutely stunning. And the excellent behaviour of the crowds today made me proud to be british... Which is a rare occurance nowadays lol. I wouldn't worry too much about the champagne, tody will go down in history xx

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