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Way TMI. Toilet troubles

S: 13st7.0lb

I'm suffering terribly with goin to the toilet on cd and wondered if anythone has been through anything similar to give advice.

I'm going to the toilet roughly once a week. I've been taking senna to try and help this. It's not massively uncomfortable though so no worries with frequency. My problem is that when I go it's agony. I'm sorry I can't find any nice way to put this, but it's so big and hard :( I've developed piles and tonight I honestly questioned whether I could carry on with it.

Does anyone know of anything to help. A laxative maybe that's ok? A stool softner? I've heard cd sell fibre something?

I'm so so sorry for the gross post x

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oOoOooOoo a poo post hehe!

I am sorry i cant be of any help as i am only on day 2 but i am sorry that you have to go through that i bet it aint nice at all!! I am sure there will be something to help you, i am sure u cant give up on losing this amazing weight loss because of this situation? Someone is bound to come up with some help for you.

Good luck AND you weight loss is amazing :) xxxx
S: 13st7.0lb
Thanks hun. Giving up is the last resort believe me but I have to find something :( can't ever do that again x

CD journey. -11.1, -3.5, -2.6, -2, -5.7, -


i will be a yummy mummy
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plenty of water and ask yr cdc, try calfig a sip of that worked for me before, try not to give up it will pass , good luck x
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Have you considered a colonic??? I done it a few times when on SS and it really helped! Good to keep your bowel hydrated ! Also ducolax good and I always add the cd fiber!


Girl on a mission
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Firstly before you start using the fibre you need to clear the blockage so to speak lol:eek:

Sennokot and dulcolax are all very harsh on our bowels, so only use when essential, I use movicol which although takes a little longer to work it is less harsh on your system.

Hope you get things going soon hun xx


not giving up
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oooo I know how you feel I really struggle too. I use dulcolax and seems to have the desired effect xx
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:sick0019:...well I started CD on the 11th Nov and I still haven't 'been'! Wonder how long it it before it get dangerous...lol!!
Drinking 2ltrs water per day, plus other drinks so I think I'm OK there. Don't want to have to resort to laxitives...so crossing fingers it will 'be' soon :eek:


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Get yourself something more natural to help you go then get on the fibre from cd.

If it makes you feel better I'm at the other end of the scale and it's hell
Hiya, I had this really bad so I took senokot it help but b careful as I was impatient and took 3 more big mistake I went so many times I left myself dehydrated I drank loads of water but never lost a lbs cdc said it was down to the water sticking to me cos I went so much :-/ it will pass tho and might feel like u've giving birth when it does lol, plenty of running up and down the stairs will help, good luck xx

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