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we haven't had a guess what someone said thread for ages


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I was helping a slim, older lady choose a top from my friends vintage clothes unit as she was busy.
The lady in question said "no, I think it might be tight on my tummy" I suggested she tried it on as I thought it would look lovely on her. She looked me up and down and said " I used to look like you, you know !!!" My reply, " you were very lucky then "
I suppose as she was about a size 10 and I am a size 18 ( down from a 24 ) I must look colossal.

I forgive her and do see the funny side of it
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You're so wonderful fillymum.

I think after I'd scraped my jaw of the floor, I'd have put her on the floor, cheeky mare!!

Good on you for being able to rise above this comment!! X

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I'd love to be able to take comments like that & turn them around. You are an inspiration fillymum! Congrats on your loss from a size 24 to an 18, that is brilliant :)

I hate to think what people say about me behind my back :S


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I love your reponse to her - very quick!

Whats that twist on the old classic - I can diet but you'll always be rude!!!


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You are such a nice person :D And I do think you reacted in totally the right way!

It was probably one of two scenarios for her though - either she's one of those people who thinks that when they get to a certain age, they've got free rein to say whatever they want to whoever they want - I remember my Nana had a friend like that and you should have heard some of the things she came off with!

Other scenario is that it was a real foot in mouth moment, and she only realised how it could be construed after it had been said, and she was absolutely mortified!

Either way, your response was perfect - that's the sort of response I would think of at a later date after I've spent days stewing, and be kicking myself I didn't think of it at the time :D


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think the worst thing 2 hear is whens the baby due when ur not pregnant

Luckily I'm too old for that now! But a couple of years ago I did tell a patient I was pregnant and she was thrilled for me :D


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think the worst thing 2 hear is whens the baby due when ur not pregnant
This actually happened to me. It's one of the 'kicks up the arse' I needed to actually do something about it.

I naturally carry my weight around my middle and was wearing a dress with a band under the bust (in hindsight not the most flattering outfit for my shape)

I was in the bar with a glass on wine in hand when I received a dirty look from someone and was asked if I was pregnant :sigh:

At least I don't look pregnant any more! :D
I had my graduation on Saturday. My curls were blow-dried straight - but even so, my uncle walked past me. When he saw it was me, he told me he didn't know me, that I was looking really well.... put that together - male charm, eh?!!!

I also had someone tell me how they could see the weight off me 'cos my face wasn't fat anymore. It sounded so much better from the girl who said that my cheekbones were really pronounced now....:rolleyes:
Same thing, only different, yeah?
Oooh, two recent ones from me..

Grandma: "I am SO glad you don't have a wobbly bottom!"

Me (on phone): "Hi Mum, how are you?"
Mother (on phone): "Oh darling! You sound like you've lost weight!"

The women in my family are crackers.
Oooh, two recent ones from me..

Me (on phone): "Hi Mum, how are you?"
Mother (on phone): "Oh darling! You sound like you've lost weight!"
Was that because you adopted a lighter tone of voice than usual.LOL !!!!!!

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