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*****WEDNESDAY - HOUR BY HOUR - Get in here!****


Hi guys, up at 5:20 this morning due to hubby leaving for Belfast this morning and not back til late Thurs :wave_cry:

So up making him brekky before he flies out, and then its a busy day for me, out to placement, off for a leg and underarm wax :O and then off to study group.

Sitting here sipping my vanilla latte, bags all packed for the day and just about to take the dog out a good walk pre leaving for the day.

Whatever you guys are up to, have a good on plan day, whatever plan it is. Stay positive and know that you are skrinking by the day!

Much Love

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Stubborn tortoise
Oof... you are up early hon! Hope you have a great day... go for it! And well done for not strangling the neighbour last night... you didn't, did you...?!! Hugs Lexie,



Stubborn tortoise
Wondered why it all went quiet last night...



Cambridge Consultant
Lol Lexie you are up early...... or was up early I should say.. I hope the neighbours are still alive and kickin.....

Hey Katy hope your ok today hon. and I hope the sun shines for you today.

The sun is shining here in London I am going to weighin today after I drop the boys at nursery..... I really hope I lose 3 lbs I bet I lose 2 and 3/4 or something . damn... praying for a 3lbs loss to get me to 3 stone.. x
Morning girls - and everyone who comes on later. Glad all is quiet at your end Lexie x
heres to a 100% day - Ive got a busy one today - lots of visits then Ive got a divan base being delivered due to my wooden base breaking thanks to the kids jumping up and down on it!!!!

then my friend is coming over for a catch up so will be on later but not for long. we are going to set up her ticker etc.
keep up the good work girls and lurking boys xxx


Cambridge Consultant
thanks Jess............. will post later............ I bet I dont lose it... boo hoo...... if not this week it will be next I guess . thanks hon and have a great day.. and enjoy seeing your friend x


Stubborn tortoise
Hi Curly & Jessica....

Good luck for your weigh in Curly, my fingers, toes and eyes (OK, not them) are crossed for you. Keep us posted honey!

Jessica, it's fab you have a diet buddy so close... she sounds great. Tell her to get posting too, I used to lurk back in December but when you get brave enough to post it all gets way easier... hope the new bed is good, will it work as trampoline too?

LOL:!!!!!!!!! funny enough we actually have a 12ft trampoline ion the garden but Ive only been on it twice - scared of breaking the bloody thing being so flippin fat but hey not for much longer eh? spose I will HAVE to start doing some exercise at SOME point - bloody hate it and will avoid it like the plague!!!

she is a really good friend and will get her on here later.

got to go and get ready for work and kids for school so will be back later xxx


Cambridge Consultant
thanks Katy will post later...........
Jess.... trampoline would be fab exercise and fun to....... Go on get on it your probably love it and you definatley wont break it!!!!
Its great having someone else on cd with you.. My brother is doing it as well and we support each other he has done fab.. in same time as me has lost over 4 stone. It keeps you going .
have fun !!!!
Morning ladies,

Yes as curly said the sun is shining here in London, I have my WI today, and a tradeshow to be at which means virtually no work for me today - woohoo!

Wow - lexie you're up early and seem like you've got a ton of energy, good work.

Curly - that's great you have someone to do it with, I do wish that I had someone else alongside me in my house doing, it would make it easier. At present, I think that I'm subconciously fattening up my OH by feeding him delicious things that I would love to eat, and then asking him to tell me how they taste. Is that wierd? I'm sure you weigh in will go fine, remember last week when you're were so worried, thinking that you were STS and you weren't of course

Jessica - get on that tramp! You will have so much fun. I wish I had one of those, but sadly no room here in an ex-LA apartment :(

Katy - hope you have a great day

Just wanted to say that it's BAR day for me, I've been waiting 2 whole weeks for this. Can't wait to munch. I bet I would have eaten my first one before I leave my W.I ;) just kidding.

;o) H.
Morning all and good luck Curly Wurly!!!

I slept well last night and have a fresh mind for study, let's hope I don't spend the day browsing t'internet rather than practicing for my oral... lol.

Have a good day all of you xx


Stubborn tortoise
I used to love trampolines when I was a kid (mists of time...). Would have loved a big one for the garden but OH has this irrational dislike of them on grounds they are a/ dangerous, b/ugly. Well, I disagree! Think trampolining is one exercise I would like. Might have to do it in the hours of darkness so nobody would see me flumping up & down!

Like you Jess I am not a big fan of exercise. Have been inspired by Porgeous on minis who didn't exercise as part of her weight loss! I walk dogs & keep saying I will go swimming... but never do it. Its a 90 min round trip to pool and hard to spare the time when you add in an hour in pool too. Better get my act together, could be the boost I need.

Curly, your brother has done so well! That's amazing. I don't know anyone at all 'in real life' who is doing this... that's why minis is such a lifeline. Anyway gals, have a fab day...



Stubborn tortoise
Hey Trisha... good luck for interview! Let us know how you get on...

Hannah, good luck for WI & have good time at the trade show!

Penny, you seem pretty switched on today, fab! I have a ton of work to do too, better try to keep on track with that too!



Loving losing
Morning losers...

Lovely day in the south today and even lovelier cos Wed is my day off!
Got the CDC coming at 10 so fingers crossed as havent seen her for a nearly 2 weeks but hopefully it will be good news, although her scales weigh heavier than mine...Grrrrr!

Catching up with friends today too and I suppose I had better do the housewifey bit as well at some point just as a gesture!

Have a lovely 100% day one and all and will let you know how I get on.

Hi all,
curly good luck with wi, i`m sure it`ll go well.
i`m confused this morn, got totm with a good loss, never happened b4. just worried gain will appear later instead.
no sun here, raining quite heavily....my house is so dark with out the sun i should really turn lights on, but if i do i`ll see that i need to do housework, and not really got the cleaning bug today.
Hope everyone has a lovely day, what ever your doing. x
I'm subconciously fattening up my OH by feeding him delicious things that I would love to eat, and then asking him to tell me how they taste. Is that wierd?
Oh gosh I do things like that too - always trying to make people around me eat the things I want to eat - i get some weird satisfaction from it!

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