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*Wednesday Hour By Hour*


Going for Goal!
What has happened to the daily thread? Hope you are all happy to still have a daily thread? They keep me going through the day at weak moments - please don't stop daily thread!!!! Well this morning, I have been putting off having my morning porridge (i'm not enjoying any shakes atm - beats me why?!) anyway, I am actually quite enjoying it. For me sometimes I think the thought of the 'same old' shakes gets me a bit *hmph*! What is everyone up to today? Weather permitting (and it's looking good) I'm hoping to go out in the garden and do 30 mins on the trampoline! ha! I'm finally at a weight where I can enjoy 'fun, yet physical' things.The scales have shown I'm in the next stones too ! So i'm buzzing a little this morning. It makes it all well worthwhile :) I hope everyone has a lovely day - enjoy the sunshine! :) Hugs x x x
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all's well here up North, I'm going to WI in later and feel very positive, this is a great day to be a CD-er! Water is being drunk, first meal had, no temptations in site.


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All good down south too - had a cup of bullion and a litre of water so far. Going to have a tetra in a mo then will go for a kip - am knackered! Already looking forward to my porridge tonight :)


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West is best... hahahaha. Things are good in South Wales at the moment!

Had a peanut bar and a black coffee for breakfast, drunk a half litre bottle of water on my journey to work (that's another little goal i've set myself!), well into my litre bottle of water at my desk in the office.

Going for a walk around the park lunchtime - weather permitting.

Feeling good today (always feel great on a Wednesday if we won at darts on a Tuesday evening!!). Woohoo!!

I love the daily thread too... lets keep on with the tradition!! lol

Hope everyone is well and having a good day too.



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I am miserable today. I have too much work to do and not enough time to do it in (so I really shouldn't be on here). My scales are stuck at -2lbs this week and weigh in is tomorrow. I was really hoping for 5lbs this week but I've no chance of that. I've forgotten my tetras so I can't have anything till I get home tonight. Bad times.


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Yes, did read you message about forgetting your packs. That indeed is a bummer.

Why don't you throw yourself into your work, and hopefully you'll be so busy you can ignore your tummy rumblings?! Just a suggestion... !!

Another suggestion... stop jumping on the scales... i stopped doing it because it would freak me out. I let me counsellor weigh me once a week now.

Seriously tho, i hope you get through the day without killing anyone!



please try again
im here, having a slow start to the day, felt rather sick yesterday, cant seem to fit the shakes in at the mo, was still up at 11pm last night trying to find the corage to get my last shake in
am having porridge at the mo, sorry but im NOT loving it, half way thru and again i feel stuffed, hoping it wont try and make a reappearance once ive finished it
and who stole the sun! grrrr


Restart 3/9/2013
I stole the sun...Sorry!

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