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Wednesday hour x hour


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Morning all.Slept like a log last night and off to work this morning.4.1lb loss yesterday taking me to 32lbs in 5 weeks certainly cheered me up although cooking a fish pie last night saw me picking at slivers of fish!!!!! I really am having big issues with the abstinence,and it seems so feeble after such a short time.I am not bothered by sweet stuff or carbs,its meat and fish that have me twitching.I do know my old man will be watching down on me in amazement that i have knocked the night time brandy on the head (gone from drinking 1 bottle a week to nothing which i never thought i could do),and i feel quite sad that he wil never see the new me.

Well i must hit the shower so good luck to all weighing in and cngrats Corey on your 3 stones.

Blonde the tens machine is ok but not brilliant and you can deffo use it on the neck.

love liz
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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Hi Cookey.....thanks for that will definately look into it.

Sorry you are struggling a wee bit, with picking and all. Is there someone else that could prepare meals for you for awhile so you don't have to face the temptation?

Hang in there Mrs. You are doing fab. A few slivers of fish won't hurt - but best if you can knock that on its head before it becomes more frequent and less helathy choices. :)
Hello everyone,

I am still here. Been off line at work and only just this mo got back on. Sooo busy, hopefully catch up with you all tonight.

hope you are all fine. cause I am.

Bye for now.


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I have missed you Lady, good to know it was only a technical hiccup that kept you away.

Right here goes.

As you know I was away from Thurs but didnt get home until Mond very late. Afraid diet went out the window and have made a concious decision to stay off it until after this weekend, as it is my birthday and I found out from a little birdy that everyone is going out for a meal. I had intended to go back Tuesday but "you are only 60 once in your life" so am having a good time with the family and then getting back on track.


Did the big reveal at the horse show and everyone so was surprised and complimentary it has made me determined to finish the job.

I havnt read any threads yet as not been able to get on, but will catch up over the next few days.

Hope you are all well and behaving (not like me:D). By the way met two people at the horse show who had been doing LL and the looked fab also.

PS won 3 championships loads of photos and sashes, one day I will learn how to put them on the computer:sigh:


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Hi All, hope everyone is fine, been sooooo busy at work lately. Good luck with everyone WI's today and congrats to those who have lost soo far this week!

I am feeling fainty all the time now, on and off for the last 2 weeks! I think i am going to start RTM early and try to lose my last 1-2 stones through that! I still dont know how much I weigh, maybe I am in my 11's or not far from it. Will see and let you all know.

I still haven't started my periods yet and am nearly 3 weeks overdue (i am not pregnant), just delayed. I think my body finally cannot take anymore with LL, even though i have been fully focused(apart from a few bites on Xmas day and Valentines) and have never ever binge on food nor put on any weight!
Hi SS,:wave_cry:

That sounds like it might be a good idea as you have been struggling for a while with not feeling too good.

Hope it goes OK but I am sure you will make the right decision.:)


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Wise decision SS - know you will do well on RtM. Can't wait to join you at the end of the month.

Welcome back Ladylite - congrats on a winning weekend. Happy 60th - and I don't blame you for one second wanting to celebrate it.

I had a shock today - went into Primark (never brought a thing in that shop before) and saw some polo shirts for £2.50 each. Thought I'd get 4 size L figuring that they would come in handy when I got down to that size. Got home, and thought I would try one on to see how far I have to go before I'd be able to wear them. Should have brought size Medium. They are already a little baggy. Still wearable mind, but nothing to wait to get into!!

Also got told today that my face is starting to look gaunt!! Like please, with 2 1/2 stone still to lose i'd hardly say I was the male Calista Flockhart!
Hi Corey,

Great news about the polo shirts you will have to put them in the tumble dryer on hot to shrink them.:D

I remember as I was going down everyone kept saying I was loosing it in my face and was worried I would have a size 8 face and a size 14 body - LOL. Oh to look guant how nice;)


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Hi everyone --- good to have you back Lady, well done on your weekend, that's a real winning time. Enjoy your birthday celebrations and then get 'back to work' --- good to hear that you enjoyed your reveal.

Slim I really think you're doing the right thing, as I've said you know your body and you know when enough is enough.

Good shop there Corey - great to be a medium eh?
Hi All, thank you! Just to let you know that i actually started RTM this evening (well sort of). I spoke to my LLC this evening and I told her about me feeling fainty a lot of the times for the last 2 weeks, not started my periods and also today i have had slight blurred vision.

She told me to start RTM immediately! So Iquickly went to Tesco's after work and got some frozen chicken fillets and cod (skinless and boneless). I just ate 1 piece of chicken, 1 Thai Chili soup and my cereal bar! I am very nervous indeed!

I will be going to see my LLC tomorrow night after 22 days! So lets see how much I have lost, will update you. I got a bit teary in Tesco's (as mentally i still cld have gone on for another 1-2 months), but physically my bidy couldn't take anymore, so it was unfortunate!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for your help, advice and support.

For anyof you who have had smilar symptons PLEASE STOP! My LLC told me that she knew somone who went in to hospital as a result of the same symptons. Feeling fainty all the time e.t.c


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Oh dear - only a 1lb weight loss.

BUT my measurements were taken and here they are:

Bust: -4"
Waist: -2"
hips: -3"

so after initial disappointment I was chuffed to bits.

I have so many foodpacks left over from last week - i have not cheated but i have barely eaten anything at all and my LLC says my body has hit starvation mode.

Note to self for this week:



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S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Lemma you must eat all your foodpacks! Well done on the loss - both on the scales and the tape measure :)

Slim I hope you start to feel better really soon ---- and that you enjoy your food xx

I've got that course I was concerned about for the next 2 days --- have found out though that it's a (yippee) buffet lunch so I should have no problems with that hopefully - will wander round with crumbs and bits on a plate and then go eat a bar :)

Corey how did your 1st day in training go? Did you enjoy it?

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