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***wednesday*** lets do it hr by hr***

Morning all.

Hope today is better than yesterday, My dad eneded up at A&E twice yesterday once with a babdy bruised thumb after hitting it with a big hammer( hes a builder and was breaking up some concrete) and then again last night he cut his hand with one of his saws and ended up with 5 stiches, also Lewis (my ds) fell over in the kitchen and cut his head so we were at A&E with him where they cleaned him up and glued the cut together.
Also my fridge freezer broke.

Today Im at the docs having my bloods done.

Hopefully today will be better.lol.

Hope you all have a good day.xx
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Lordy Susan! hope your day gets better.

As for me, I am half asleep and need to go to work. Have had a pint of Redbush tea and will have my first half a pack sometime this morning. Would like to go back to bed and hibernate, but too much work to do. Hope everyone has a good day and that Susan's day is better than yesterdays


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That sounds like a horrendous day Susan! Seriously hope things turn out a million times better for you today.

2 pints down, and one chocolate chake plus been to the gym. Still feeling quite weak and faint, same as yesterday and would love to crawl back into bed. Instead of that, I'm at work and its manic...


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a little behind this morning with my water as I've only had 1 litre & I've usually had 2 litres by now.

Pegged all my washing out this morning in the dark - my neighbour must thinki'm crazy but I knew it was gonna be nice today.

Been at work 3.5 hrs already but it feels like i've done a full day already!!

Hope everyone has a good day. :D xx
hi - had 1 1/2 litres and a choc shake. no headache to day for me (day 5) and no weakness or crying!!!

Lord Susan sounds like your last 24 hours haven't been fun! I only hope they get better!

Well im nearly 2 pints down and going to get my brekkie before Tree Hill starts and only hope my lounge warms up soon cos im freezing! i have to keep nipping into my bathroom to warm up lol


please try again
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morning all

geez susan hope todays a better day for you all

had 1/2l of water so far and will have my first pack in a while

been cleaning madams new chair this morning ( special needs, its from the used stores at school ) really not likeing it, so much bigger than the last one

oh and we have the joys of flu jabs this afternoon yay

hope everyones having a good one and good luck those weighing in
Thanks every, today has been ok so far.lol.

Ive been and had my bloods done so will wait to see the doc monday now.

Im only on my 2nd pint of water today and I had 1 mug of peppermit tea before i went out and just made a hot banana shake.

Lewis seems fine this morning just a bruise developing down the side of his face but the cut looks really neat and tidy.
Thanks hun, not a lot wrong with him at the mo hes scoffing dairylea dunkers.lol
Gosh susan, I bet you lose a lot this week!!! all that stress lol, its gotta be good for you lol.
Which is the biggest liability, your dad or your lewis.???
Im just about up. Went to bed at 6am, my daughtgers flight was delayed at gatwick so she didnt get home till 3am, I went to her house and put her electric blanket on at 11.30 then when I got home I coudnt sleep. She had a meeting in Derbyshire at 9 this morning so she had to set off at 6, and she came here to collect her car on her way to the meeting so I didnt sleep till she had gone. It was lovely to see her, great tan and fab results of eating well while shes been away.
Im off to my mum and dads a little later, then this evening I'm having company. That young man i've mentioned before is coming for a coffee.
Lynne x
The biggest liability is deffo my dad, he is soooooo bad.lol

Pleased you got your daughter home safe and sound you will hve a lot of catching up to do.

Enjoy your coffee.!!!
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well folks im a work and dreaming of a new job somewhere hot and exotic not fussed where anyone got a job going ?


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bludy hell susan wat a day!! hope there both ok ...well ive only had coffee and a pint of water up 2 now gonna have a porridge in a min day 6 of restart got a bangin headache but managin 2 be really good! not gonna do anything 2 day feelin a bit naf but the suns shinning here so cant complain really xx
hi day 5 for me. I have had 2 litres (already) and am on my second shake - a hot toffee one and it is v nice. can yo beleive it?? this from the girl who wrote on day 3 that she couldn't carry on and the packs made her want to vomit.

my CDC is amazing and made me keep swapping until i found something i could drink witout being sick. hurrah
Im on 4th pint now and a bowl of porridge down, going to have next one when i get DS from school. Thinking about missing the chicken meal today as im struggling to get it down at the mopment with 3 porridges, anyone else have tje same thing?

Its now day 6 for me, 1 day away from being 100% all week!
afternoon ladies, back from just a morning work.

not had much water, as it's hard to go the loo at work.

on my 1st shake, and then i'll drink the water later on.

bit pooed off with meself, went to the leader last night, and forgot to pick up some porridge.

oh well.


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Had two shakes, and two litres and feel awful. Really bad stomach cramps, exhausted and just generally moody. I'm in ketosis (love when the sticks turn pink) so don't understand it at all. And no, its not TOTM. Grr... Hope everyone else is doing better than me! x


always lurkin around!
just having a porridge as we speak goin the docs this afternoon have put off goin 4 weeks but gonna go now as im in so much pain with my shoulder.not injured it it started just feelin stiff 2 move but as the weeks have gone by just got stiffer and painful ...having trouble undoin my bra at nite cant get my hand round my back now so thought betta get it checked out :confused:


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
afternoon girls hope your all doing well

had 2 packs so far and 2 litres of water but totm has hit and im feeling like carp now

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