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Wednesday*** lets do it hr by hr***


Trying to stay healthy!
Morning everyone, Hope you are all having a better day than me!!
Just got told yesterday that i am being made redundant!! :cry:even worse though hubby and i work in the same office and so it's both of us!
on a slightly brighter note though i weighed-in last night and lost 1lb!

1 choc mint shake and half a liter of water done!!

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Sorry to hear your news hun, have they given you enough time to try and find another job?? It seems to be happening all over the plase at the mo, my hubbys firm got rid of 10 people last week, luckely his job is safe.xx

well done on your loss hunni.xx
Poor you! That's awful. Very best of luck with finding new jobs.

I stayed the same this morning. No surprise there considering I had dinner at the Dorchester last night. It was very nice. I coped well with the food but couldn't turn away good champagne!

Was so tired at my WI, I forgot to get a couple of Toffee& Walnut shakes to flavour my porridge so I've had chocolate porridge and coffee so far. Might pop back later and get some T&W when I've woken up a bit.


Trying to stay healthy!
Thanks guys xx Earliest date for leaving will be mid-feb so just need to let it sink in and figure out what we will do with ourselves! CDC suggested maybe becoming a counsellor...it's a possible!
So glad you have advanced warning and time to think! CDC is definitely a goer!!! Only in the paper the other day they were saying obesity is on the rise (by 2050 60% of males and 50% of females will be obese) so there will be always be a demand for diets that work!


Happy Little Bunny
Morning all :)
I am on my second pint of water...and very shortly I am going to do half an hour of exercise in my bedroom to some fabby tunes.

Have a great November 19th y'all. x x
It's my third day, had my first shake not too long ago and a long shower before that. I feel very faint and light headed. I am drinking water thinking that it's the shower that's made me dehydrated but it's not working. What should I do?


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Hi everyone. Had my breakfast porridge, 1 litre of water so far and two black coffees. Just about to take Daisy the dog out for a walk and then do some housework (boring!!), but some rock music played at full blast helps to power through it quicker.

On another note, i remember reading a post somewhere about someone who used the banana shake to flavour their coffee and since I have plenty of sachets, though I'd give it a go - sounds disgusting, but was surprisingly delish and you can flavour about 3 coffees with one sachet, so instead of one 'meal' u can have 3!! That can't be bad.
lelly. so so sorry to hear your news. at least becoming a cdc after christmas is a good time to start. lots of prospective customers. that's when i am hoping to start doing it part time. and you do have some time to consider your options. good luck hon.

glad you are feeling better sylvie. i had a little of this this morning but it passed after some water.

good afternoon chaps. i keep thinking it's morning as i only just got into work, oops. ha.

thought i'd hunt out the daily thread. listened to paul mckenna again. it really does perk you up. and chill you out. i'm hoping that it really does work on your subconscious though because i find myself thinking about something else completely while i'm listening to it. but i think that's because your mind really does wander, ha. hoping it will help with the evil mood swings i'm going through.

other than that, nothing interesting to report. am hungry so am going to have my first pack and hope that they will last me through to 11 tonight!!

abz xx
day three is usually the earliest hon. best signs are if you are unusually cold (a sod at this time of year), your breathe starts smelling or if you get a strange taste in your mouth, usually metallic or salty.

abz xx


I will get into that wedding dress!
double post!!!
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I will get into that wedding dress!
ive had nearly 3 pints of water, and half a shake (am finding i need something sweet after ive had my soup in the evenings) (anyone know if this is ok?) had 2 cups of black tea
got a headache but hoping that will pass soon!

peeing like a goodun!! is it worth ordering ketosis sticks? surely it happens when it happens does it make any difference knowing?
It happens when your glycogen stores in the liver are finished and getting the sticks won't rush it. The sticks will just let me know that it's actually working and that am doing something right, that's why I got them.
Hi there, only had a litre of water so far so will have to start making more of an effort. Couldn't decide what to have lunch and ended up having a coffee and an Orange bar. It is my second one. I got one to try a few weeks ago and couldn't quite decide whether I like it or hated it. Now I have decided I definitely don't like them! They are yuk. Had it 2 hours ago and it is still making me feel a bit queasy. Hohum, now I know!


I will get into that wedding dress!
might look at them then, might give me the little push and know im doing something right!!!

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