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Wednesday Weigh In anyone?


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Good morning ladies. :D

I am wondering who else gets weighed on a Wednesday? And if so, how did you do this week? Do you attend meetings or weigh in at home?

I attend a group in Mynnydd Isa, and my leader, Helen, is amazing! I bought myself the magazine last night (haven't read it yet!) and some mini chocolate cookie bars that are 1 PP each. :grouphugg:

I lost 2lbs this week. That is quite good for the week I had. I realised that I am 8lbs away from reaching my 5% goal. :party0011:

So, over to you lovely ladies (if you wish to reply). :p
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I had my WW last night, i go to the meeting but never stay(been at work all day).
I've been on this now for 5 weeks and so far lost 11 pounds can not believe it, has it feel like i'm not at all on a diet!!!!
This is so for me i'm over the moon, just hope the smaller i get the better it gets ;-))
Well done with your weight loss so far!?
Good Luck
Jo x


♥ Bride - to - be ♥
Well done for reaching you 5% :)
I can understand why you don't stay for the meeting - when I was working full time, all I wanted to do was get weighed and go - but my mum was my lift and helps out there.
I don't feel like I am dieting also. If anything, I feel like it is teaching me about how to eat well (and healthily). I was terrible for snacking!! Now I have learnt how to avoid feeling like I want to snack, and I have definitely learned how to enjoy fruit.
Weight Watchers to me, is not a diet - it's a big life lesson and a way of life.
P.S. I should also say Good morning gentlemen in my origional post - sorry guys!


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I too wi on a Wed night and last night was my first wi and was down 5lbs. Delighted with that. I also dont feel like its a diet as I wasnt hungry at all, and have allowed myself treats each day included in my daily points. Ive done the old system lots of times and have lost nearly 3stone but used to get hungry.

Hope you all have a good week, think skinny :D


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Bindi - 5 lbs is an excellent start - well done :)
Are you both having a good day points and exercise wise ??
I haven't done any exercise today as my baby boy is poorly after having his jabs.
I have eaten really well - I haven't snacked and I have made sure I ate fruit after my meals :)
I had my first weigh in last night and lost 4 n half.Im loving it but finding it bit hard to use up all my daily points (41).Iv just been walking alot more just now but want to start more exercise soon.
Well done on the loss x


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♥ Well done on the weight loss Metallicat ♥

I ended up having 10 points left over yesterday - first time that has happened!!

What are you up to anyone? I am having another chill out morning with Zach and then we are out shopping with my mum this afternoon ♥
Just having lazy morning,kids are off school and nursery. Both fighting already,ah the joys lol x

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I am having a chill out morning :)

Although - I have been on the phone for the last hour sorting out online backing, phone bills, trying to book a registrar for my wedding and phoning the venue ... so not really a chill out morning hehe x Though Zach has slept like, all morning as he is getting over his jabs x


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Morning all,
Didnt feel great yesterday and only managed to eat 14 points, was a bit nauseous and was busy in the loo dept so dont know how that will affect next weeks wi. Felt bit better last night so went for a good 45 min walk.
This morn did 20mins on the wii fit, jogging and step aerobics, cos prob wont get to go walking tonight. Am gonna stick to my 32 dailies this week again and steer clear of the 49, would really like my silver 7 (-2.5) next week or get into the 14st bracket (-3 or more). Think Im being a little optimistic though.
Whats everyones plans for valentines? Im doing a 3 course dinner for hubby (ww style of course)


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I hope you are feeling better soon hun. It sounds like it with all the exercise you are getting in :D I only ever use my 49 PP's if I go out for a meal ... other wise, they don't get used. It is possible to loose 3lb or more in a week. I have done a few times down to good eating and lots of exercise. This week at the moment, is being a chilled out one for me. I will be happy if I loose 1 or 2lbs this week. I will probably get busier with exercise over the weekend and next week, but for now, we are chilling and enjoying each other's company (me and Zach that is :))


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Hows everyones Wed wi going? Mine is this evening looking forward to it :)
First Weigh In

My first weigh in and I was shocked as I have a back problem at the moment so done NO EXERCISE I ate ALL my points I DRANK a whole bottle of wine and had A MEAL OUT for Valentines.....

Drum Roll.....

I was down 4.5 lbs :D
Wow, well done ladies, great losses!

I have had WI and STS, however I am very pleased with this for 2 reasons; 1) TOTM -say no more and 2) I ate all my dailies, all my weeklies and thanks to a 50pp meal on Valentines Day, all my APs, plus possibly a few more besides, so I was totally expecting a gain - reeeesult!!

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I weigh in on Wednesday mornings at home. Doing the old discover plan but do not attend meetings! Very happy with a 2lb loss today!


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Had my 2nd wi last night and was down another 3.5lbs, very happy indeed. Had my valentines meal out last night after the wi and was reasonably good (chose chow mein for main but had starter I wanted and no dessert/alchol) so gonna try and up the exercise this week.

Great losses everyone, keep up the good work !
got my second weigh in tonight, it was my first one last wed and I lost 4Ib which I was really happy with......I'm going to buy the ww pp scales tonight, hopefully I have done another 1 or 2Ibs :)


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Mines tonight also, had a really good week, didnt have any weekly pp and built up about 30 activity pp. Its totm for me though but hopefully I will still have lost a bit.

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