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Wednesday WI


Bears dont dig on dancin'


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Thankyou, I'm very happy!!! Now I'm over my "flu" I can get back in to exercise this week, so maybe a better loss next Wed, although, star week is looming :eek: xx


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S: 18st1.6lb G: 10st10lb
I'm expecting a gain of 1lb, if my scales are anything to go by....will let you know later!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Umm don't let people see you weighed at home before going to class, naughty! lol. I'm sure you'll be fine. I'd ignore your scales will probably be totally different at class. Good luck! :) xx


I can do this............
S: 14st3lb C: 11st11lb G: 10st13lb Loss: 2st6lb(17.09%)
Im sure you will be fine Stacey! Good luck to all wednesday weighers!
good luck to everyone yet to weigh in today and also well done to those who have x :)


Starting over
S: 18st11lb C: 18st3lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 38.8 Loss: 0st8lb(3.04%)
Good luck all. I weigh in at 5:30 today so will report back later.


I will succeed!!!
S: 13st3lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 0st8.5lb(4.59%)

And good luck everyone else :)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Well done Huni!!!

Stacey...stay away from the scales!!! Good luck with weigh in today everyone!


Slow but sure....
S: 22st0lb C: 19st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 55.1 Loss: 2st7lb(11.36%)
Well done Juiz, that's great. X

Stacy, I have my fingers crossed for you. X
S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
Shh don't listen Stacey. I weighed in at home, then again at work! And I'll weigh at home again before I go out! LOL!
*hangs head in shame*

Well done losers. All us evening weighers...report in later :)


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S: 11st0lb C: 10st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 21.6 Loss: 0st12lb(7.79%)
I'm expecting a gain. Not sure why as I've stuck to plan and it's not TOTM for a bit yet but I can just feel it.

S: 14st0lb C: 12st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 1st5lb(9.69%)
Well Done Julieanne :)
Good luck to everyone else, my WI is at 7.00 and i was REALLy hoping to get my next sticker this week but i', not sure that's gona happen!
The wii fit told me i'd lost 2lbs the other day but it also tells me that i weigh 1/2 stone less than i actually do!

Good luck everyone!


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S: 12st5lb C: 9st1lb G: 8st5lb BMI: 24 Loss: 3st4lb(26.59%)
Wow, I lost 1 1/2 lb and got slimmer of the week again. I'm so surprised. I ate out last Thursday and had steak and chips with half a bottle of wine (at least) and then I drank again on Saturday night (probably at least 20 or 30 syns).

I am so pleased. This just doesn't seem like a diet.

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