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Weegie's Diary


Goat herder(ess)
The lists of what is allowed keeps changing on the official website and in the various international editions of the book. Many of the changes appear to be to either make up for some ingredients not being available in certain countries or just to pander to different tastes. I think Jo would describe the latter as "playing to the masses".

Pork was not originally allowed - and so I avoided it, as did most of the long-standing members here. To be honest, I would still avoid it but it's entirely up to the individual whether they want to stick to the old way or whether they want to risk the new allowed ingredients.

If you do choose to eat pork, then please make sure that it is lean and has had all fat removed as that would be the safest option.


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I eat lean ham and occassionaly bacon (with the fat cut off) but I don't eat them often mainly because I find them quite salty and as we are supposed to be cutting down on salt, that is another thing to consider x
Pork can be quite low fat, you just need to choose the correct cut :) I am allowing myself slight leeway however with the meat thing - I work in a delicatessen (WORST IDEA EVER WHEN TRYING TO DIET) so avoiding totally low fat meat can be a nightmare for me, I am trying to bring my own food as much as possible though.

Anyway, I lost another pound today, however, I weighed myself in my parents house and I think those scales are almost always kinder...

But yesterday I had:
3 turkey rashers
1 egg

Chilli and garlic chicken

Some random meat - ham, turkey from the deli

Peeing a lot - I already did that before starting this diet, its amazing, I didn't know I could get worse :/

Not hungry at all nor craving carbohydrates.

Unsure when to stop attack? I may stop after tomorrow and move onto Cruise. However, I also have a big uni presentation on Wednesday so I may continue on attack til Wednesday and then allow myself some vegetables as a nice wee motivator.
Also, I am finding it really really really hard to avoid alcohol...I'm a student so it's literally everywhere; any tips? It's making me feel like I have a problem :p


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I turned down an invite to a birthday night out because I can't be bothered with the drunkeness and pushing and yelling of others wen I'm stone cold sober lol. Do u drive? You could offer to be a driver for the night?

It is difficult I drank a lot when I was at uni but you just gotta think it's not forever and u will feel so much better afterwards wearing the clothes you really want to wear :) xx
Lost another pound this morning, goodie! Going to do one extra day of attack as I was going to finish tomorrow, I'd like the treat of being able to have veggies on the day of my presentation though..which is on wednesday.

Yesterday i had
Turkey rashers and eggs
Baked beef
1 fat free natural yog
Some fridge raiders and cooked ham, plus yoghurt and oatbran

Loads of water at the moment..peeing a lot, which I already did but this may be some kind of record
well done! I found that after 4 days of attack I stalled on the weight side of things so started cruise the next day. I think that it's up to you when you feel that the attack phase is over...


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Those fridge raiders are full of cr*p! Check the packaging!
Today's food

Turkey rashers and egg (cant find fat free fromage frais or quark? i fancy trying the galette...i have only a small tesco and maybe waitrose?)

Chicken and lean ham

Turkey, chicken

Fat free vanilla yoghurt + oatbran
Sugar free jelly
Diet coke

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