Week 1 done and I'm Crying

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by LittleMissMuffet, 27 April 2007 Social URL.

  1. LittleMissMuffet

    LittleMissMuffet Member

    Cambridge Diet
    I just had my first week weigh in and I lost 18 Pounds!! :eek:

    I couldn't stop crying! I can't believe that I lost over a stone in one week. :D My CC was so delighted that she even gave me a free mix a mousse. (she is so sweet)

    I know most of it is probably water and all that stuff but to me I'm more determine now to stick with this and move forward to a newer slimmer me. (still have a long way to go)

    I'm in ketosis she had me do a little 'wee' test while I was there because I didn't have any sticks at home.

    Tears of Joy and what a great way to start the weekend.

    Here's to week two! :)
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  3. stacey

    stacey i love minimins me :)

    OMG well done that is amazin, like truly amazing

    well done :D

  4. bondgirl

    bondgirl Member

    18lbs that is fantastic well done:D
  5. PowderedJourney

    PowderedJourney Member

    Thats brilliant! Well done U !!!!

  6. Andrea73

    Andrea73 Member

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    them all.....
    what a brilliant start - it definitely gives you the boost to carry on. Well done you should be very proud of yourself

  7. TTey68

    TTey68 Full Member

    Well done LMM xxx
  8. gg2007

    gg2007 Full Member

    WOW!!! Thats AMAZING...Keep up the hard work! Your well on your way xxx
  9. Linkypie2006

    Linkypie2006 Member

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    Cambridge Diet
    As I said on another thread...that's incredible and so inspiring!!!!!
  10. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    measure up
    [​IMG] how fantastic is that.......well blooming done, keep up the fabulous work.
  11. hippoellie

    hippoellie CDC

    Wow!!!! That has to be a record. Well done- enjoy the moment and use that feeling to keep going!
  12. blitz

    blitz Silver Member

    slimming world
    That is a fantastic loss for week 1. well done a great incentive for you to stay strong for next week
  13. *Sarah*

    *Sarah* Full Member

    woohoo, thats flippin' great! u go girl
  14. SHAZA

    SHAZA Silver Member

    Cambridge diet
    Well done you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    18lb what a fabulous start !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I lost 16lb my first week and I was jumping around so I know exactly what you feel like

    Keep it up its really really worth it

    Good luck on your journey to a slimmer happier you
  15. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Congratulations. That is amazing
    Irene xx
  16. LittleMissMuffet

    LittleMissMuffet Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Thank you all so much! :)

    I feel really good about myself for surviving week 1.

    My hubby was a little worried that it was too much to lose in one week but I tried to explain to him that its mostly just water & glycogen but it does seem like a lot when you see it as a number. Is it ok to lose that much in a week? (see now I am curious)

    I guess I must had a lot of glycogen stored and I know where too, my thighs, hips, bum, stomach even my baby toe! ha ha :giggle:

    Thank you again for the kind words. I'm really motivated for week 2 now.

    This is the best diet ever :)
  17. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    :wow: That is truly impressive, and you should be so proud of yourself honey :cool:
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  19. Buglet

    Buglet Member

    Lighter LIfe
    Well done - that's absolutely amazing. I start LL on Tuesday and hope if I can get at least half of that in my first week I'll be delighted - congratulations!
  20. canaryellow

    canaryellow Full Member

    OHHH my god.. thats was incredible...

    you must feel brilliant, lets hope you have more good weeks to follow

    keep it up.. well done x
  21. J.K.

    J.K. Member

    WOW!!! OMG!!!! Well done you.
    How good is that, you most be VERY VERY VERY proud of yourself?.
    I feel very proud for you.
    You go girlfriend.
  22. redann

    redann Full Member

    :eek: wow thats a great loss for week one

    well done :D
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