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Week 1 - Feeling down & think I have gained :(

Hi Everyone

I am new to slimming world and I am feeling a bit down because it just feels as though I will never lose weight. I need to lose 2 stones and I have been doing SW for 5 days now. I have just made the mistake of weighing myself and I have lost no weigh infact I think I have gained a pound :( I knew I probably shouldn't have weighed myself because now I feel all diss heartened and feel as though I wont lose weight on the diet even though I have tried so hard. Please can you have a look at my menu so far and see where I am going wrong :sigh:

Semmi Skimmed Milk (a)
2 x nimble wholemeal bread (b)
2 x frylight eggs
ketchup (1syn)
veg stirfry
2 alpen lights (b)
muller light
1 x curly wurly 6 syns
ww carot cake slice 3 syns
Semmi Skimmed Milk (a)
2 x nimble wholemeal bread (b)
1 x frylight egg
ketchup (1 syn)
passata, peppers,mushrooms, pasta, kidney beans.
1 x curly wurly (6 syns)
2 x alpine light
Semmi Skimmed Milk (a)
2 x nimble wholemeal bread (b)
scrambled egg
ketchup (1 syn)
ww carrot cake slice (3 syns)
ww sweet and sour chicken (4 syns)
plain noodles
1 x muller light
2 x alpen light (b)
1 x curly wurly (6 syns)
Semmi Skimmed Milk (a)
2 x nimble wholemeal bread (b)
1 x frylight egg
ketchup (1 syn)
2 x bacon with frylight
baked chicken with mixed spice + veg & corn on the cob.
4 x rivita (b)
4 x laughing cow triangles (a)
1 x melting mocha (2 syns)
1 x curly wurly (6 syns)

Semmi Skimmed Milk (a)
4 x rivita
5 x laughing cow triangles
muller light
1 x curly wurly (6 syns)
2 x alpen light (b)
ketchup (1 syn)

Do you think I should exercise aswel
I just don't know what to do :(
Thank you x
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Hiya hun.
Your food diary looks alright to me, lacking fruit and vegetables though.
If you are following the plan 100% then you will loose weight.
Dont sneeky peak on the scales! Only weigh in wen your supposed to mate :) chin up hun, might not be as bad as you think xxx
Hi Sarah

Well done on your weight loss, how long has it taken you? I can honestly say I have been good and agree I could probably eat more fruit etc... I dont think I am going to weigh myself now. It just concerns me because I did the diet last summer and lost 4pounds in a week but had to stop because I was ill :( x

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
I remember on my first week i was convinced i had gained but when it came to weighing in i had lost 2lbs, so don't worry you will more than likely pleasantly surprised!!
Hi Sarah

Well done on your weight loss, how long has it taken you? I can honestly say I have been good and agree I could probably eat more fruit etc... I dont think I am going to weigh myself now. It just concerns me because I did the diet last summer and lost 4pounds in a week but had to stop because I was ill :( x
Thanks :) Its taken me about a year and a half. You can do it hun, if you gain, dont let it get you down, hopefully it will make you more determined. What day is your official weigh in? Do you go to class? Your body weight fluctuates depending on the day and time so thats why you should always weigh on the same time every week, keep it regular. Keep us posted on your journey xx
Aww thank you. I really have to lose it! I have a case full of clothes that need to fit before a holiday in june! Do you think that my food diary so far looks ok? If I add more fruit and veg? I need to take up some form of exercise but I hate it lol I just dont know where to start when it comes to exercise lol x
Yeah with that food diary plus some extra fruit and veg you can do it mate. Oh, and dont forget to drink plenty of water! As for exercise, i'm afraid I dont know, I onlt do 10 mins three times a week on my stepper and thats it! lol x


Strutting her stuff
HI! Definitely ditch the scales because you're just messing with your mind and sabotaging yourself. The only thing I have to add to the advice you've already been given is to have more variety in what you eat. It's only your first week and you're already having a lot of the same things - toast/egg/ketchup, laughing cows, curly wurly etc. Can you realistically carry on having these day in day out for the rest of your life? You'll eventually get bored. So try to have different HEs, new foods and new recipes.

Good luck!
Thank you for your help. I know what you mean about eating the same foods. I tried to make a SW chocolate cake last night and it tasted like chocolate omlette lol it was vile! :eek: I will have to think of some new foods to make and will have to do at leats ten minutes of exercise per day. Thank you for your encouragement x
aww hun (((( ))) u r doing fine your diet plan looks fine maybe add more fruit and veg.
did u weigh on your own scales the day u went to sw if not u could of lost weight just your scales weigh different all scales weigh different weights.
theres a woman at my sw and she put on for her first 4 or 5 weeks then she had a 7llb loss then a 4lb this week.
sometimes it takes awhile for our body to adjust.
hun 2 stone is nothing it sounds alot but even at a 1lb a week thats 6 months no time at all hun
good luck for wi
I would not trust your home scales - they could be inaccurate! My consultant was saying the SW scales cost over £500!
However, with only 2 stone to lose you will lose only a few lbs/week. See how it goes and maybe reduce your syns, increase superfree and make sure you are drinking plenty of water!
I think your diary sounds fine although as above, would recommend more F&V. In response to your question about exercise, I would say YES absolutely! Not only will you potentially see a better gain (even though with SW you don't "have" to), you will see a change in your body shape and you will feel healthier, sleep better and have more energy overall. I think to begin with we all find exercise daunting, but I can assure you that it will make you feel better within yourself. Start by making small changes, walk to the local shop instead of taking the car etc. Speaking from personal experience, exercising changes my whole demeanor, even my other half comments that I'm in a better mood lol, try it, eventually you WILL like it - Good Luck xx
Definitely try and squeeze in some more fruit and veg Hun and I would also suggest you vary as much as you can what you are eating.
Other than that, it all looks ok to me!
Stay away from your home scales, as you are more likely to waiver if they dont show a loss..go by your class scales.
I would be starving if that was all I ate in a day!! I can't work out where you are getting your 3 meals a day from - it may well be that you are not eating enough.

I would agree with everyone else that you should try and get more fruit and veg in and use this site to get loads of recipe ideas as a good amount of variety will help you stick to it.

And finally I have had a few up and down weeks without a reason that I can spot, but the general trend is still down and best of all I haven't felt that I was dieting at all!

Good luck!
I agree with JulseyR - it doesn't look like enough food to me! It seems as though you're only having 2 proper meals - one with bread and eggs and then one other.

You need to vary your healthy extras a bit more, particularly the 'b' choices or you will likely get bored and it tends to keep your body guessing!

Also, although you don't have to have a set amount of fruit and veg as on extra easy, it's a good idea to try, as these are the foods that fill you up healthily.

Finally, DON'T TAKE A SNEAKY PEEK!!!!! I know how tempting it is, but it really doesn't help.

Keep at it and you'll soon see the rewards :)
Please try not to worry and if you can ditch the scales! I was the same my first week, weighed at home on the Sunday morning (started on the Wednesday) and had lost 0.5lbs. Then was convinced I hadn't lost or put on as I always weigh heavier in the evening than the morning.

When I went to 1st weigh in on the Tuesday evening I had lost 3lbs and was delighted so have got my housemate to hide the scales!!!!! Good luck and let us know how you get on xxx
Hi There

Thank you for help and advice. I weighed myself today and I have lost a pound. A little disapointed because I haven't cheated all week and thought I would have lost a little bit more for my first week, but never mind I'm going to try and stay positive! x


Strutting her stuff
There's no pleasing some people - you were upset because you thought you'd gained and now your upset because you've lost :D

But seriously, a pound is great so embrace it and give yourself a well deserved pat on the back for being closer to your target than you were last week. :)
Sorry! I know what you mean though, I tried to lose weight last summer thinking I was overweight and 7 months later and ive gained 6 pounds, sorry it just hasn't sunk in yet i'm still gutted about it :sigh: I'll feel better when I can get down to how much I weighed 7 months ago. I've got PSOS aswel which doesn't help matters x

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