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Week 1 - Hooraay!! by B

Hi Everyone....

I'm not new, but I sit on this website daily reading everyones sucess stories and all those that post there losses....lol :D

Dont actually share my experiences, nor my feelings but I think maybe if I do then with everyones support, I may accelerate and then can post a before and after like many of you....

I'm so so over the moon, I lost 10lbs this week....
I'll be honest, had two blips in my 1st week, still managed to loose it....BUT, I think it was down TOTM was feeling really heavy and also all the fluid rentention.....

I'm actually feeling really happy and positive for once and Im thinking this time its going to be a one way trip and not back to the binges.....(fingers x), I think I might just be in the right head space.....after so many re-starts and yo-ing up, down, up down....deciding which CD plan to do, I am SS-ing for the next 10 weeks....My brothers weddings coming up and I have decided to take off a few planned dates...see I really want to get into my outfit which I am leaving until last minute...my mum is a fashion designer and is an expert in making real lovely clothing so she will be making me an outfit - made to measure a week before my bro's wedding....I've choosen the colour, material and its sitting at home just waiting to be made....


I've been glugging on the water and my skin has really cleared up....I suffer from cystic acne, been suffering from it since the age of 18 and the doc's have prescribed me all sorts of pills and potions but they never work, I was on the pill to calm it down, which did help but because it makes your BP rise and mine is still a quiet high, i've had to come off it a few months ago.....hence ACNE has returned with a vengence....My weight issues combined with my acne has really shattered my confidence over the years, I am really determined to do something about my weight now, hopefully from doing CD my acne will remain at bay too....:D

Summer is coming soon, I really want this one to be a really good one, thinking of booking holiday in Sept, all of my holidays have been really daunting when looking back at the pic's and I have always tried to avoid the camera because I have never liked looking at me. :cry: Havent decide where yet but this yr, I WILL BE WEARING A BIKINI....I'll prove it too....Lol....

I booked a make-over last year and kept on changing (delaying) the date again and again and now I will no longer cancel it either, it booked for the 10th June for my mum and I - approx 14weeks away so I really am aiming to loose at least 3.7 stones to get down to around 10.7 stones, anything more, well WOW, its gona be a bonus but I am trying to be realistic and accept what ever loss it is rather then stressing that I lost so little on week 2

Any support will be appreciated.....and to those that are on CD, well GOODLUCK and lets keep each other motivated to get to goal.....:D



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Likes Food :)
Oh my gosh thats brilliant, well done!!! I'm on my 2nd day and if I can lose 10 pounds I'll be over the moon....congratulations:)


Mad as a Hatter
Hiya and welcome to the forum...

I'm on Day 3 of my final restart, and going great guns - I want to lose between 3 and 4 stones - haven't decided which yet and will just take each day as it comes

You sound as though you have definately got your head sorted out !

Keep posting and stop lurking



Likes Food :)
Hi Tracy,

We both have roughly the same amount to lose! I'm hoping by summer fingers crossed
Thanks, and Good luck ladies....


Mad as a Hatter
Hi Tracy,

We both have roughly the same amount to lose! I'm hoping by summer fingers crossed
Yeah - hoping for 1/2lb a day - which is quite feasible but obviously mother nature will put her oar in several times during the journey..
I want to be at target for a wedding in October, preferably before then but as long as it is for then - I don't mind
Tracey you'll be at goal way before October, if you continue with CD......Keep the wedding goal at mind....

Thanks Mrs Essex, daam your looking fine, from your sig, is it really true, you've only got one more stone until goal? Wow....you've done so so well!!! Have you been excercising much and do you feel hungry? How do you feel mentally, has it caught up that you are officially so slim? I read stories on the site where people loose so much weight and yet they feel so fat...I'm worried if that happens to me...
Awww thanks babe

Yeah ive got a stone to go till 9'7 although i feel really ok at 10'7 lol but its just a safe number to get down to for my height etc...feel i can happily lose another stone...i have some fat to go yet haha...and i have days where i feel 17 stone still...and other days i feel skinny....head f**ked huh?!... need more time to get accustomed to being slim i guess .. I get 'head hungry' sometimes..but not really tummy hungry but i swing between ss+ and 1000 lol not the proper way to do it...but it works for me.


You'll smash that goal!! its good when your head is SO in the zone!
head *uck'd*, so right....lol...lol....
Yeh with a little bit of struggle hopefully I too will get there like many others on this site....
well-done....keep posting your pic's, those sort of things are what people like I need to kick us into place...lol....
I must admit I feel so so so tired.....in the mornings I'm so full of energy and towards the evening I feel as if I need a crane to carry me into bed....lol....I suppose that will dissapear in time....

Oooohh looking forward to my tomatoe soup tonight!!! Lol.....

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