Week 1 - problems


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Hi, I'm an IBS sufferer and i'm really lucky that it's improved since starting CD. Are you vomiting? Is there a chance you actually have a bug?


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Hi missyd27, i think i've read that some people can an effect like this and that it's possibly to do with the high levels of nutrients in each pack, i think the advice usually is to try and split the packs up and have 6 smaller soups/shakes over the day.
Hope you feel better soon!



Thanks for your replies - fortunately I haven't been vomiting. Am due a call of my CDC today so will see what she suggests.


what is in tetra cartons and bars?

Can anyone tell me what ingredients are in the tetra cartons and bars. I think i have found the route of my problems but just want to check before I make any changes.



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Hi Missy, i was a bit like that on week one. Now i'm the other way lol..Can't win. I'm sure you'll settle down & feel better next week x


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Hi I am i have ibs and had something similar in the first week or so it is to do with the minerals/vitimins I found mixing with extra water or drinking more with them helped it wont last for long .I soon went from this to constipation so try having fibre I used psyillium husks mixed into my shakes with warm water but you can buy something from cdc or at chemist xx


even after my problems...had my first wi

After all the torment I had this week I can't believe it but I actually lost some weight!!!

All of 7 lbs.... and that is with TOTM as well!!!!


Now that has made things much better!


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I felt really ill on my first week, and really wanted to stop but after my first weigh in and onto the 2nd week I felt much better! There is no stopping me now! Well done on your 7lbs xxx