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Week 1 weigh in

Mrs Roch

Silver Member
Well done cbpolgara... that's a fab loss in under a week...

Congratulations, you must be motivated for another good week.
Thank you.

Yes it is very motivating! Am in such a good mood this morning I seem to be scarying the people who have come into work early like me!!;)

AND I am feeling slightly hyper today - duracell bunny time!!! tee hee

I got out the areolatte I bought ages ago and used that on the chocolate shake after I had blended it - it turned it into a super thick choclate shake - felt like I was having a treat for breakfast!! tee hee
Well done - it really spurs you on too! Keep going, you can do it. Just think how you felt with this result and how you will feel when the weight keeps on coming off!
you really are doing well hun, can you feel the difference in yourself ?
Fantastic loss for your first WI, well done!!! :party0048:

Wow that's fantastic, Congratulations and just what you need to mitivate you through the weekend, keep it up hun xx
I'm the same, ive apparently lost 4 inches in 2 weeks from my waist but i can't tell any difference yet lol but at least we know we're all moving in the right direction!!!!

lol. Am rally pleased, its nice to get on the scales and see a different 'stonage' ;)

I wasn't measured last night, but I don't spose there is much point in doing that every week.

I notice that you have a count down to your wedding! I recently got engaged and that was a definte motivator to get going, even though I am not getting married till 2009! :cool:

Are you going to post some wedding photo's on here after the event - as I would love to see them.
You try and stop me lol especially if i manage to get to a 14 or in my dreams a 12 i'll be showing everyone in the world lolol!!!!!

Congratulations on your engagement...how did he do it and have you started any planning yet? I'm a proper soppy thing and love all this malarky. We're getting married in lancaster and having reception in the lake district then going to the maldives for our honeymoon so i NEED to be slim lol and yes it deffo is a great motivator!!! I just keep imagining myself in a size 14 wedding dress and having everyones gasp in awe as i walk through the church doors.

It can help measuring yourself every week, for example if my cdc hadnt measured my waist i'd probably feel a bit down about scales not moving but as i know i've deffo lost FAT it's cheered me up no end. In diets i've done previously it was great to look when i'd lost inches from weird places like my neck places you wouldnt think you could lose weight from so i'm a big fan of weekly measuring and measure every bit u can get a tape measure round!!!!
He didn't do it romantically - he just asked. But have loved him since I was 17 and I am now 35 (not that we had been dating all that time). We went out at college and when I went off to Uni we drifted apart but kind of kept in touch, and then got back together a couple of year ago, which made me very happy, as he is MY perfect guy! :p I know, i know, pass the bucket! lol

I am hoping for a size 14/16 wedding dress as well. I hate my photo being taken because of my size, so I need to do it for me, or I won't have wedding photo's I will be able to look at!!

Have you picked the dress yet - its mad I know, but I have seen a dress I love, even though I am not looking at getting a dress anytime soon. but its a girl thing I suppose. We haven't made any fixed plans, just started looking really. We are going to see a country hotel as I really want to get married there, as they have a starlite ceiling marquee :eek:, my OH wants us to get married in church - so at the end I think it will come down to cost! lol

But am having great fun thinking about it and making plans.....

But reception in the Lake District - WOW! That is just gonna be great.........not to meniton the Maldives! That is pure paradise (no, not been lucky enough to have been there, but have seen piccies and my sister went there). I may turn green!! lol
Awww that's so lovely you've been together all that time....realy scholl sweethearts awwww!!!

You've got 2 yrs to save so you could have what you wanted really and ours without honeymoon is coming in at under 10k!!!! Picked my dress in january before i'd even tried it on....saw it at a wedding fayre and fell in love with it but put it out of my mind as it had pink flowers on it and my theme in ivory and gold but made an appt in april at a dress shop and they had the dress there and i mentioned to the staff how beautiful it was but the colour was wrong and they did it with gold flowers on so i tried it on and that was it i was in love all over again so paid the deposit and ive got £360 left to pay on it but thats including dress, tiara, veil and hoop only ordering it in January but they've ordered the style incase that dress isnt in season anymore.

I hate my pics being taken unless theyre above my shoulders.....had 1 full picture taken on me last september when i tipped the scales at 20st 2lbs and that was it i joined weight watchers but only managed to shift 11lbs from then to christmas and then my weight didnt move atall up until july when i decided to try cambridge diet. It'll all be worth it in the end. What kind of dress do you think you want? Mines a traditional a line with a train
Funnily enough I have a piccie of the dress I love....but I can't figure out how to post it on here.....:sigh:

Cor - defo looking forward to seeing your photo's - 10 months away will soon fly - your dress sounds lovely....a proper bride's dress - which is what I like too.

Have taken the advice of people and am scouting around for wedding fayres to go to....2 of my friends are getting married next year....so I also want to lose weight for their weddings...and it also means I have lots of people to chat to weddings about and learn from and throw ideas around! :D
the wedding fayres are so much fun but some of the stuff is really expensive and some of the people are so rude...i really wanted an alfred angelo dress and i'd seen it on house of brides so when we went to the fayre they had this dress and this male attendant came over asking for info and if i wanted a card and a declined politely saying i would be getting it elsewhere for less than half the price and he went all snotty with me and told me id end up running crying to him 3 weeks before the wedding coz my dress hadnt arrived he was so so rude!!!!

These are my planning pics
nineenababes - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Is the dress on a webstie coz u could post the address and i can go lookie

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