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Week 10 Weigh in...


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That's is fantastic weight loss, well done. I hoping to get to the 4 stone mark after 13 weeks so well done. My hat goes off to ye.


I *will* be skinny again!
wow! congrats! that's amazing! i bet you feel so great :) xx


Life is not a Rehersal!
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!!!!!! A BIG WELL DONE TO YOU! You are such an inspiration on here and your determination matches the weight losses. Brilliant!

So, go on, what is the treat this time???????? Need some inspiration for my 3 stone next week..

I really am pleased for you Sarah. You will get there in the end, and the way your weight losses are, it wont be as long as you think.

Any before/after pics yet? I am trying to organise these as I think it really motivates us all.

Have a good day sweetie.....pleased for ya, as always!
ahh thanks everyone!!

well treatwise, it was supposed to be hair cut and highlights, but seeing as my partner's brother's wedding is 26th september, i reckon i could get another 20lbs off by then, so i'm thinking i might swap that treat for then. so this one is a bit of a funny one, i dont know what to buy! i might treat myself to some DVDs or something, or maybe some lovely pampering things... i'll have to think fast! hopefully those 4 can come off next week!

I might get working on some before/after pics, must find the cable for my camera to connect to the computer, heaven alone knows where that is!!

i'm walking on air today - can't believe in 10 short weeks, i'm 4 stone lighter. 7stone to go!! roll on next month! xxx


Life is not a Rehersal!
The pampering sounds nice mind you :)
Oh, I wonder if you have like a local spa, or hotel that is having a special offer on???? You could go and have a day out...mmmm.....I am starting to talk myself into something like this :) Pity I am busy over the next few weeks.
there are loads of salons/spa's near me, i was planning on having a facial for the treat after the haircut, and a massage for the one after that, but maybe i could do nails or something for this one... hmmm. worth considering definatly!!

when i'm at goal my mum is planning on taking me to a spa day, just the two of us. she has just started the cambridge diet so she'll be at goal by then too! (depressingly she'll be finished before i am!!) i love a spa day i do!!

is anyone else treating themselves as lavishly as i am?!!


Life is not a Rehersal!
I want to treat myself like that :) Just time at the minute, as very busy weekend wise until I go on holiday end of August.

But, you deserve it and we all do...

I will do something for my 3 stone mark (hopefully next week), just dont know what yet. Will let you know when I have thought and decided...
:wow: Totally brilliant result. Treat yourself to a nice handbag!!!!
So pleased for you, how great to hit a target! And it's a fab loss anyway :)

well done!
sarah lou your losses have been amazing 4 stone in 10 weeks that is something else well done and enjoy your next treat whatever you choose xxx


Positivity is the key
Hi Sarahlou,
very well done to you on your great weight loss this week, you so deserve that treat, hope you enjoy it whatever you chose. Great to see under the 100lb on the ticket too, it is such a pyschological thing to see it go down and to jump like that is great. And just think you are a third of the way there already, that's a fabulous achievement. Best of luck for this week.

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