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Week 12 weigh in

My own fault, following my naughtiest week so far on the diet, which included some chocolate, 2 scones and a chocolate cup cake :break_diet:

So, it comes as no surprise that I have put on weight this week! What IS a surprise is that this morning I am 170.0lbs exactly - last Saturday I was 169.6lbs so only put on 0.4lbs. Could have been SO much worse.

I'm going on hols for 2 days tomorrow, which will involve eating breakfast at hotel each morning and dinner out, but I am taking bars for lunch and porridge in case I get the munchies, to stop me going out and buying naughty things. Going to try and stick to high protein, low carb foods. I don't expect a great loss this week, but I would like to shift the 0.4lbs I've put on and lose an extra pound as well.

We'll see!
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I am sure you will be ok Bren.. Good luck hun, and enjoy your time away x x x
Where's your head in all this Bren? Is it cos you look so much better now that perhaps you're not as motivated as much as you were when you were heavier? Reading a few peoples posts it seems that this is quite common the closer you get to goal......have a fab couple of days, where are you going? Xx
I think that definitely has something to do with it, Sandra. I'm also conscious of the fact I am utterly shattered with work (new teacher and just finished my first half term!) and am probably using food as a comfort / treat / pick me up / refresher.

I'm going to Lancs to a lovely country hotel and spa for a couple of nights. I felt so ill after eating some wheat yesterday though that I feel it's helped get my head back 'in the game' so to speak. I have also been quite constipated this week (sorry for TMI!) but after posting this, I had some, er, movement (!) and so weighed in again ;) Now 169.0lbs so a loss - still pathetic (0.6lbs since last week) but better than a gain. Still hoping for between 1-2lbs off this week - 2 would be great, as would push me into the 11's.
I think I know what you mean, I'm a pound heavier than you and can really see a difference now.....I no longer hate myself and though I still look like a bag of spuds in my undies, I can look quite reasonable in some clothes again.....

The spa will be brilliant, have lots of lovely treatments and concentrate on spoiling yourself, don't forget to chuck a bit of romance in there too..........
That's it - sometimes I catch a glimpse of my reflection in a window or something and actually think 'wow'! I am feeling really confident and edging ever closer to feeling downright sexy... I am feeling fitter and more energetic and don't have a compulsion to suck my tummy in all of the time now! Everyone is so full of compliments, and people at work have been starting to make comments like 'Surely you haven't got any more to lose' and 'If you lose any more we won't see you when you turn sideways!' which I'm really flattered by, but I KNOW I'm still not at a healthy weight. I think such comments though do maybe make me a little complacent about my current weight - I must keep reminding myself that although I've done really well (and I am proud!) I'm not quite at the finish line yet!

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