Week 14 on LT


Hi Everybody,

I had my weight in this morning and again, I lost another 5 lbs, what can I say at this stage,:p what I haven't said before. The day by day, probably due to the cold weather just arrived, is getting harder and harder.

My wife is just now below 10st, she doesn't know what to do next. I advised her to be in the maintenance program at least until xmas like me.

For the newbies, just to let you know that with a bit of discipline you can do it, of course, it is going to be hard, don't doub it.

That's all folks,
good luck and all the best for all you.

PD:Remember, we can do it, ;)
Starting Weight 24st 1lb Height: 5ft 10"
Metric: Heigt:1.78m Weight:153.4 Kg
:cry:Super morbid obese
Week 1: Loss 1 st :D:D:D
Week 2: Loss 1o lb :):)
Week 3: Loss 1o lb :):)
Week 4: Loss 9 lb :):)
Week 5: Loss 5 lb :)
Week 6: Loss 7 lb:):) Current Weight 20st 2lb 128.25Kg
Week 7: Loss 7 lb :D:D:D Yippeee! Below 20 st, my first goal achieved! current Weight 19st 7lb Metric: 125.2 Kg
Week 8: Loss 7 lb :D:D:D 19st 2lb Metric: 121.75 Kg Super Obese
Week 9: Loss 4 lb :) 18st 11lb Metric: 119.8 Kg Super Obese
Week 10: Loss 7 lb :D:D:D 18st 4lb Metric: 116.7 Kg Super Obese
Week 11: Loss 6 lb :D:D:D 17st 13lb Metric: 114.2 Kg Super Obese
Week 12: Loss 6 lb :D:D:D 17st 6lb Metric: 111.55 Kg Super Obese
Week 13: Loss 5 lb :D:D:D 17st 2 lb Metric: 109.3 Kg Obese
Week 14:
Loss 5 lb :D:D:D 16st 11lb Metric: 106.9 Kg Obese 2nd Goal achieved, weight loss above 100 lbs :party0038:
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Sweet Cheeks

Full Member
Hi Mick, WOW how amazingly well have u done :) Reading this just makes u wanna be good with yaself and not cheat, I had a little blip last night and feel rotten but looking at your success shows it really can be done with a little discipline

You must be so proud of yourself and your wife too congrats to her aswell :)


Silver Member
S: 18st0lb C: 15st4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 39.1 Loss: 2st10lb(15.08%)
hiya mick great losses well done keep up the good work
I must agree with you its getting harder now the cold weather has arrived but keeping focused on the bigger picture helps us all

all the best