Week 2 - Hungry


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Hi There

Firstly - I hope I am posting this is the right place !

I have just finished week one of CD sole source - at my weigh in yesterday I had lost 7lbs. I am definitely in ketosis (the stick shows a purple colour), however I am really hungry (worse than day 2/3) Sometimes this is worse than others - the night before last I was so hungry I could not sleep. I mentioned this to my CDC, but she did not really know why this is. I am drinking lots of water and black coffee - somewhere around 3 - 4 litres per day. Any ideas ? I'm really not sure that I can feel this hungry for the next few months !

Thank you in advance. xxx :confused:
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I found the same in my second week. The first week was easy but week 2 i was really hungry...

Is it your TOTM soonish? Just concentrate on why you are doing it! I am now in my 4th week. Soo worth it!! Keep with it hun. Try some of the recipes on the forums. I found the muffin abit more filling. Helped me get through. Although my CDC says i shouldnt make it because you lose some of the vitamins so i have stopped. Remember, week 2 you get the bars. I end up nibbling them through the afternoon.

Good Luck!


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Sometimes is psychological hunger.. i know when i was doing cd i got it.. its just all about mind over matter.. you know you arent really hungry.. Well done on those 7lbs.. thats brill..!!
x x


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The porridge is infinitely more filling than the shakes and because you eat it, rather than drink it, psychologically it makes you feel much better. Give it a try - it really sets you up for the day, but you don't just have to have it for brekky - if i have hunger pangs I just make sure that my next meal is a sachet of porridge and it always does the trick.


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S: 13st11lb C: 9st3lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 21.5 Loss: 4st8lb(33.16%)
Awww Thank you all for your replies - everyone is so nice on here.
I did try the porridge once, but it made me gag ! I guess everyone has different faves.

I went to the sunbed place at lunchtime for a treat - forgot that I would have to walk past the chippy and bakers on the way... D'oh !

Just had my delicious (?), nutritious (?) Oriental Chilli soup for lunch.


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I agree with Kitteh, sometimes the hunger is more in your head than in your stomach! That's always been my problem, I eat for the sake of eating rather than actually being hungry!

Next time you feel hungry have a think about how you're feeling. Are you bored? Lonely? Feeling a little down? (I'm starting to sound like an advert!)

If you figure out when you're most likely to want food it could help with your maintainence after CD


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S: 13st11lb C: 9st3lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 21.5 Loss: 4st8lb(33.16%)
The time I was most hungry was a couple of days ago - late evening. I was sooooooooooooooooooo hungry I couldn't sleep ! Strangely enough though, since I posted this thread I have stopped feeling hungry...maybe I just needed a rant !

Totally know the reasons why I gained weight - I didn't have an unhealthy diet, but it was portion control which was my problem - and bread...you wouldn't believe what I could make into sandwiches ! Also I got used to having a couple of glasses of wine most evenings.
Even though I go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, this wasn't enough to stop the weight gain.

I am using this diet to totally change my eating and drinking habits - 2009 is going to be the new me !