Week 2 WI


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Morning all :p

Weighed myself this morning and pleased to report - ANOTHER 4LBS OFF !!! YAY :D

really pleased cos that's a stone off in 2 weeks - makes this crazy diet all worthwhile....

Hope you guys are all well - have a fab weekend :)
That's fantastic Debz!!! Well done :D

This diet isn't easy (but let's face it, what diet is?) but all that struggling is so worth it when you get results like yours. Keep up the fab work!
Well done debz, keep up the great work x
well done debz,you doing so well.
The great weight loss does make this diet easer.
If you feel lik eating just look at your weight loss.
The feeling of that is better then food.
Hi Debz, that's just brilliant, you must be chuffed. Keep it up, the only way is down!!!!!!!!!
Thanx Guys !

Thanx to you all for your lovely replies :D

I LOVE THIS PLACE - you are all such an inspiration :)
Well done Debz, keep it up:D