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Week 2


I've been reading some posts but not had much of a chance to post.. Anyways, am into week 2 now. I had my first weigh in on Sat and only lost 4lbs, but all my own doing... my hubby had been away for the week and I was so good on the diet, got right into it, hell I was even in ketosis, then what do i do for a whole day and night as soon as he's back (no it wasnt pounce on him) it was have him wine and dine me!! So hence why I had such a crud weight loss for week one! After weigh in had another bad day and so the beginning of this week, was pretty much getting that off. AM now back at the weight I was at weigh in and I have until Fri morn to lose something else, or she is gonna think am wasting her and my time! I have a night out on Fri night but am driving. My cdc spoke to me about the ss+ which I think sounds really good and although I dont want to follow that every day I think I am gonna use that as an option when I have things on at the weekends and maybe even use it every weekend, as I really can not seem to manage a weekend without cheating!

Have a weekend booked away in Dec and aiming to be back into my size 12's for then. The count down is on!
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I hope so Tracey! My cdc is a really lovely girl and like all cdc's knows how hard this diet is. We've just got to keep going and remember why we're doing this I suppose. One thing is for sure, I aint never done another diet with such fast results. I deffo am deffo aiming to be back at 11st by end of Nov. Even less would be a bonus, but better be realistic! lol!
you'l get there Im hoping to be near the bottom end of 11 by christmas. it is a fab diet but bloomin hard at times especially when everyone is eating around you but it is our choice
Totally agree, when I was doing it for my wedding, I ate every single weekend but come my next weigh in I had lost weight and got away with it. I found it was the only way to get through the week! I find my losses are very much slower now so i know I'll not be able to do as I did before, hence why I swapped to Cd from lipo. I am sure with the alternative sthat are available I'll be able to manage the diet better. Is the low 11's your target? When I got to 11st the last time I still thought in my head I was fat, but looking at pics I can now see I wasnt! Roll on that size again!
I want to get to 10 stone thats my target as I feel i'l be able to maintain that realistically. my BMI will be top end of healthy but I can't remember the last time I was 10 stone so I'l be happy. Whats your goal? You looked lovely in ur pics
Well got to 11st 1lbs for wedding but as you can see went up!! Looking back I think that would be a good weight for me and should be ok to maintain now I have got it into my head what I need to do to stay that weight! So aiming for 11st with the ss and ss+ on some days. But I would ideally like to lose an additional half st after that, but want to do that with eating healthy. I think I need to show myself that it can be done as I know I rely too much on these shakes if I have a bad week or whatever... I should be 11st for near the end of Nov.. You think?
i deffo think you can do it. sounds like you have a good plan and you have the advantage of having done it before and lost a substantial amount.
Oh i just had a look at your wedding picture's and those are some of the most best wedding pictures i have seen!!!

Just try to take one day at at time, and each morning say " i wont cheat myself today!":scale:
Are you 12st9lbs now? i am at 12st 8lbs now an i am hoping to get down to 11st by the end of November too if not down even more that that!
Thanks claire.

Yeah was 12st 9 on cdc scales. My scales were 100 % accurate with the lipo scales when i was doing those and make me 3lbs less than that the cdc scales - so i do prefer to think myself as 12st 6!! will go by cdc's ones tho in the interest of keeping to weight losses etc! Thats pretty cool your aiming for the same amount of loss for the same time scale as me. I manage no prob through the week, its the weekends. As I said earlier tho, have fancy dress night out for my sis's birthday on fri, but i know i can have chicken and salad. I dont need to blow it, so am promising myself to give it my all!!
haha a challenge to 11 stone? now that can be fun:D
So a 11 stone challenge it is then! I'm trying to change my appointment from tomorrow to Monday - god to sodding work tomorrow now!! I wonder if having my appointments on Mondays, would keep me on the right track as well!! mmmm...
claire, it wont take you long. You could be there for end of Nov, never mind end of dec!!
11st is very acheiveable with the time we think. I've been in work since 7.15 and the earliest I'll be leaving tonight is 6ish! I have a bar and shake in my little fridge under my desk and am so bored I could eat them both now, but trying to wait til affo as I know I'll be even more bored then!! Will fill myself with water and coffee til then!!
Have a good day too hun. Is it tomorrow your weigh day?

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