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Week 3 question about snacks.


Happy in my own skin
Sorry if this info is available and obvious but I can't find it.

I've just yesterday started week 3 and am down to 2 packs a day. I seem to recall the snacks now are increased to 2 a day, is that right? Last week I just stuck to one snack of fromage frais daily. So this week if I add in an apple is that considered to be my two snacks for the day?...does not seem much when you're replacing a foodpack with possibly one piece of fruit...:(

Thanks in advance..:)
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Hi Morticia

Did you check out Sean's lists for each week. I think the options are on there.

If not I'm sure Daisy or SB or Min will be along to help.



...we're sinking deeper.
*sneaks in*

I do remember weeks 3&4 of RTM being a toughie... personally I stuck to 1 snack a day - so for me it was 2 foodpacks per day, a snack of a S/f Jelly pot and a small meal.
Some people do have more, but I decided not to treat snacks as a commodity and keep them 'special' for 'dessert' time...
To be honest I'm still the same now, apart from my 3 main meals of the day, I only have one snack in the form of a dessert - one 0% greek yoghurt pot with some berries!

So just see how you feel, and assess how you feel. You can always split your foodpacks into two, or split any fruit to last you into a few snack times... If I have an apple, I usually have half when I want it, and put the other half in the fridge for later. :)
hi there
i remember hating week 3!

i think i used to have 2 greek yogs a day (or 3 if i was hungry!) as snacks and have meals whenever i was hungry - if you go back to my thread i think i was still posting daily back then.

it does get better in week 4!
daisy x


...we're sinking deeper.
I found that in week 2 I went a bit crazy and when you allow yourself too much too fast - it quickly can escalate into a binge-like behaviour and complacency. So make sure to keep a log of everything you eat at least. :)
This is a very very delicate stage - where a lot of people can go wrong after a long period of abstinence. The mental over-excitement of 'actual food' and overwhelming 'awakening' of the body from starvation mode - can drive too many processes over board.

Just a note, so be careful! :) I know I certainly learnt many, MANY lessons in those RTM weeks. But just like Daisy - I'd say it's a learning curve. I think Daisy did extremely well in comparison to my post-abstinence RTM...! And she has done extremely well to seek support and find her way back to reassessing her goals.



Happy in my own skin
Thanks everyone. Will head off and read some more of the other threads. I think I've done ok so far. Will log what I'm eating each day also.

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