Week 3...slight weight gain! is it the bars ?


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:eek: Oh no, have gone up on my scales by 1lb!!

The only thing different I am doing is having a bar a day (had 3 so far) plus my 2 shakes and water.!!

Is it from the bars ?? or just a blip!!

Its not TOM and the bars seem to be helping me go to the loo. :eek: .

Its not detering me, just wondered what could be going on.

Had a great night in last night instead of going out for a birthday meal, and tried on a lot of my 'too small' clothes... and it was brilliant that could get most of them on again. Whhoohooo!!! :)

Deb x
Had you drank a lot of water before you weighed yourself, I find my weight fluctuates dependant on when the last drink of water was... yesterday was my weigh in day, i weighed myself before I went to the gym after i'd had about 3 litres of water and I was higher than I had been in the morning, but when I weighed myself at 9pm last night I was back to the weight I had been in the morning, it was a difference of 2lbs.
Hi Maybe it is the bars?But your allowed 1 aday?Youve had a really good 2 week loss so maybe its just that?Or as punkass said it could be the water I never drink any water 2 hours before I go as it does weigh alot?
Your be ok hun just stick at it and it will all level out .
Your weight will fluctuate at different times of the day, and will also fluctuate within a month - I hold water when I ovulate??
Your weight loss will show a stone a month on average so keep doing as you are doing!
The bars are allowed and help with the old bowels so do not blame them!! [poor bars!]
be reassured that the scales will continue to go down
It won't be fat. So long as your are in ketosis it is impossible to put weight on - ketosis will use fat for energy as you are no longer consuming carbs. If your body didn't use your fat for energy - you would be dead! Also, you need to eat 3500 calories to put on just 1 pound of fat!

Hope that helps!
My advice to you would be to stop weighing yourself at home. Seriously, it can be a real problem: I nearly threw the towel in on week three because according to my scales I'd gained a pound.

I came on here ranting and stressing ... a very kind and wise member gave me that advice; I took it and gave my scales to my sister to look after. On my official weigh-in day at my CDC's house, I'd lost 4lb so I got all stressed out over nothing.

The only weigh-in that counts is the one at your CDC's so why put yourself through the torture of wondering why you've gained / not lost / not lost enough when you don't even know the score yet? :)

It's also easy to become obssessed by the scales ... I weighed myself every time I walked into the bathroom - it was a road to nowhere good!!

Some people like the reassurance weighing at home gives (and they are both controlled and philisophical about it - unlike me) and some have to weigh themselves because they can only get to their CDC once a month but in general, it's just an extra worry you don't need.
Ann xxx
Thanks everyone.

Very good advice again, and will take it. No more jumping on the scales for me!! :p

Wasnt too worried about the slight gain, and know am still in ketosis, havent cheated so just ones of those things. Was just suprised to see it. :eek:

It is hard not to be tempted to get on the scales though just to see if any changes, especially when they are going down and not up. :D :D :D

Funny I used to avoid them like the plague when I was putting on weight. :rolleyes:

Thanks again everyone for great advice.

Deb x
It is hard not to be tempted to get on the scales though just to see if any changes, especially when they are going down and not up. :D :D :D

Absolutely agree about this so I have put the scales under my daughters bed. (Her room is off limits).

I think it was Westhills and Russian Doll who said not to use scales at home.. I totally agree with this.

If you will be tempted then throw them out, give them away, remove them from your home! You will end up obsessing and damaging your self-esteem so much.

Look at Russian Doll's pics and see what she could have missed out on had she jacked it in because of scales hopping! I promise you, that should be enough to convince you! ;) :D

Good luck to you and well done on your amazing success to date!
I do use my own scales, partly because it's a habit I will need to continue for life while maintaining. I weigh at the same time each day, first thing in the morning. When my CDC weighs me it is in the evening when my weight varies more depending on what time I have been drinking my water etc.
That said I know I have to take an average view of the results and just look for a downward trend overall. Should I cheat, which I haven't done yet, I will stop weighing for a few days because to cheat and see no difference to your weight the next day would be a temptation too far!
I think when you are maintaining that's a whole different ball game... honest I do. I can see why home scales would be a help (to some extent). But when you have lots to lose... nah.. I still say bin the beggars! lol

I agree FF .... I'll be getting my scales back from my sis once I reach goal and need to keep a watchful eye. Until then, I'm steering well clear.