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Week 3 Weigh in

Hello fellow lipotrimmers,
Had my 3rd weigh in last thurs (1 day early as I was away at the weekend) To my surprise I was 3 down and delighted.

It was a relatively easy week last week, went away for the weekend and didn't cheat once (prob the hardest point for me on the whole diet) I remained dry for my best friends 30th and resisted all the yummies she had prepared for the occasion, very proud :)

Today however has been tough and could do with some words of encouragement and motivation.
Been in work all day and have felt awful, I spend the day on my feet and whilst before LT hasn't really had a huge effect today I have had no energy and felt very sluggish, I didn't even manage to finish my 2nd shake even though I was hungry. I don't feel unwell just jaded and I don't think it has anything to do with my weekend away as it was very chilled.

I'm thinking of starting refeeding and seeing how it goes, I've lost 20lbs in 3 weeks and I'm astonished, the last thing I want is for all my hard work to go down the drain but I don't think I can continue if I keep feeling like this!

PLEASE HELP!!! Do all you pros on here think refeeding will be detremental this early on??
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Hi Lady G, I used to feel really tired and worn out for at least the first month and then I started to get some energy back I think your body needs to adjust to its new routine. Regarding refeed, I think it depends how quickly you want to get to your goal a few more difficult weeks and then you could concentrate on maintaining.......... or If you dont mind lossing it slowly you could re-feed and take another path. Its getting close to xmas which is why Im going to try to push on. Good luck with your chosen path huni xx
Thanks Daisy!
I know what you're saying makes sense and it'll be worth it in the long run, it's just so hard when you feel so crap to be able to see the bigger picture!!
I will try my best though xx
((((big hugs))))

You need to do whatever is right for you hun, but i know exactly how you feel.... I have had NO energy since i started, and last week was horrendous for me... I was using every excuse to stop doing LT - "if i only lose 2lb that's it i am going to stop", and that kind of thing....

Realistically though, we can't just stop! We need to refeed first, so whilst i would be doing a refeed (before i need to) i might as well stay TFR and hope this feeling passes.

I am so glad i did because today i feel absolutely fine again..

Whaever you choose hun, i hope it works out for you x x x
I, too, get good and bad days....some days I've got bags of energy and others I feel light-headed and dizzy and barely able to get off the sofa. Most of the tome though I feel pretty normal, just like I did before LT.

Can't stop yet though......
Hi LadyG

It's true some days are good some worse than others. 20lbs is a lot to lose but it would be a shame to give up before goal ( read my thread Lightbulb Moment). I gave up before goal weight the last time and unfotunately began to slip and slide downhill very quickly. Hence my return! Gotta do it ALL over again...bah!!
I went for my usual walk today but was exhausted after a short while, so I just strolled home, took it easy. I'm going out tomorrow though, I will try again, but not pushing myself! It's hard surviving with such few calories...however....I feel a LOT better than I did 2 weeks ago on how my unhealthy diet was impacting. Don't want to go there again. Cross fingers.
well done on resisting all the treats.
Good luck ;)
Thanks everyone! I feel much better now after a long bath and reading all your comments!

Thank god for this forum, saving me a fortune in therapy

Couldn't do it without you all xxx
Good to read you're in better form, Lady G! Hope tomorrow is better for you. I bet you'll be so proud of yourself when you wake up in the morning! And that'll get you through tomorrow.

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