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Week 3

It has to be said there were quite a few struggles in weeks 1 and 2, especially the latter stages of week 1.

All of the "experienced LT pro's" said it gets easier after the first 2 weeks. Well I have to tell you, THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! For anyone thinking about starting, or who has started and is having second thoughts - HANG IN THERE!

It really does get easier, and I have to admit I am finding week 3 an absolute doddle!!
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on the up lol
yep it does get easyer, well done for sticking with it :D
thats great and good on you for sticking it out x


Gonna be slim again
Well done shippers! your losses are pure inspiration to me, keep it up!


Eloquent hooligan
Yep... it does you know :) Good post mate - motivational for new starters... there is deffo light at the end of the 2 week tunnel :)
I agree!

I noticed a big change in how easy it was week 3 and after! I was thinking that this is because you always here people say that it takes 21 days to break a habit and form a new habit.

I believe most of the struggles we have in the first couple of weeks are mental. Most of us are here because we ate when we werent hungry a lot of the time! So even though we move into ketosis and we dont feel hungry - our head is still used to having food to relieve boredom, stress etc. SO once your brain starts to realise in week 2,3 that you arent giving in - i think it just gives up annoying you and then thats when it starts to become sooooooo easy! :)



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There you go!! (we told you so!!) :clap::party0011:
Great isn't it? I'm just ending week 5 (WI on Fri) Me and San help to keep each other going at work, but isn't this forum absolutely brilliant for support and inspiration? xx
Well done you for hanging in there until you got past the hard bits! Now you can revel in the miracle that is ketosis and watch as the fat melts off and you don't even think about food :D xx


soon to be minnie mouse
it does get easier but you just don't believe it at the start of this journey. to anyone struggling hang on in there it's a miracle diet, the weight just melts away before your very eyes.
Its funny, I do still think about food, but i don't crave it, and I am not hungry. Looking forward to WI no3!!
Way to go hun!

Good luck for WI no 3, I'm sure it'll be a good one.


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