Week 3


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Well I am in week three now and about half way through and the scales have come to a standstill. Is this normal?

I am still sticking to the plan but not much happening.

I know I need to stop weighing but find it so hard :eek:

I wonder if I need to up my water intake I am averaging 3-4L a day.

Should I start doing some gentle exercise?

Any suggestions gratefully received.
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no brilliant ideaS ,,,i stayed the same about week 9-10 but persist and it will come off xxxx


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Try not to worry too much about it hun

Remember though, you are aiming for a stone a month and you have already lost over that so your above the target loss

Have you done measurements? They can help if the scales are at a standstill.....you CANT fail to lose weight as the calorie deficit is so big, just sometimes it doesnt show on the scales.

Once you are sticking to the plan 100% it will come off eventually....3-4 litres of water a day sounds ok, maybe up it a bit if you feel able to but dont go too mad!


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Its TOTM today do you think this could be the reason for the scales slowing down?

Also it appears to have knocked me out of ketosis. My ketostix were quite dark yet now they are really pale pink :(


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Hi hon well done on your weight loss so far.:)

As long as your sticks have a pink tint to them then your still in ketosis, I have never found totm to knock me out...just sometimes makes it harder to avoid the food and cravings!

It could be you have tested at a different time of the day and if you have been drinking lots then your wee is more diluted and makes the sticks paler.

Everything seems to sound fine to me... but I am no expert!!keep up the good work hon

Lou X


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There was definately some pink on that stick lol

Thanks for the advice, still fairly new to this so think I am maybe overanalysing everything.:)


Keep going Lisa! I am sure you'll be fine and put those scales away!! (easier said than doen - I have weighed myself today twice!! - must stop it!)


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Over anylising is easy to do! Stay away from the scales and stop weeing on sticks!!!

If you are doing the diet 100% then you cant do any more and the weight will come off!!


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you are doing brilliantly so try not to worry. the weight has to go as u r doing nothing to keep it so it will shift!

if u r worried, try uping ur water to 4-5 litres maybe?

good luck xxxx


Serial Foodie!
S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
i think it really varies from person to person to be honest. i personally dont get affected by totm but having said that, my need to eat increases tenfold lol. im sure i have read in other posts that some people do retain when having periods and make up for it on the next weigh in.

stick with it, u r doing brilliant!
i always suffer with totm and weight staying the same, its very annoying, but alsong as you are sticking to it then pop the scales away (somewhere you wont be tempted to go to weigh yourselve, mabey wardrobes)
i find everytime i go into the bathroom i look at the scales and think will they have changed!! sometimes iv only weighed a few hrs previously!! trust me it doesnt help the weight go, iv tried staring at them!!