week 4 weigh in


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wow 5lbs Im a bit shocked as I didnt think I'd lost anything, but it makes up for the last two weeks of 2 lbs a piece. 22lbs in total.

Im really settling into ll now, its beginning to feel normal if that makes sense.

Im so so glad I didnt give up last week, it was touch and go for a while, I think I was born stubborn...lol
Congratulations, I know what you mean when you felt like giving up. But hanging on in there just proved that the diet works and yes this diet does feel normal.
Well Done Shona!! You are a star!!! 22lb is just amazing. I know what you mean about settling in. I am on day 22 and during the day I really do not think about the diet I just get on with it. Clothes are fitting better and I feel good.
You should feel real proud of yourself!!
Way to go Shona! I`ve just returned from weigh in and lost 5lbs also. I was really surprised as I am on week 18 or 19 and am about to start management. Buying clothes is now a pleasure- so glad I`ve stuck this thing out, you will be too.