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Week 5 weigh in !

Hi lipotrim buddies, I don't normally start a new thread for my weight loss but, I'm so delighted with my little self.

Ilost 4lbs this week which takes me to 2 stone in 5 weeks.

Only got 2 weeks to go on LT then refeed for 1 week ,then going on hols so hopefully another 7lbs, fingers crossed.

Thankyou all for the support and help and the laughs, who'd a diet forum would be such a laugh. Good luck with your weight losses this week.






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Well done that is some achievement - your gonna have some hot bod on your holiday!!


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Awh well done babe!!
When exactly are you starting refeed im starting monday week be nice to hav someone doing it with me ;)
Hi , thanks ally. Hi ladylipo, I start re-feeding 2 weeks today. My weight losses and yours are very similar also. Only re-feeding for 1 week the pharmacist said that would be fine.


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What weight and height are you now if you dont mind me asking, just you dont have a ticker!

Im planning on refeeding for 2 weeks before hols cos if i only do 1 week i wnt be able to get weighed before i go and it'll only be 5 days back eating thats whay im gonna do the 2 just to be on the safe side!

You looking forward to it?
Hi, ladylipo, I'm 5' 2" and weigh 10 / 7 would like to get down to 9/ 13 to be in the 9's.Yeh, would be wise to refeed for 2 weeks, I wanted to start earlier than I did and do it for a couple more weeks, but went to Edinburgh for a couple of days during Easter hols for a couple of days so started the day after we came back.
I can't wait to refeed , I fantasise about food all the time but havn't been quite as bad this week I think its cos not too long to go.I thought I'd miss drink and chocolate more but havn't missed them at all ,just food!


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Wow thats great on 5 weeks!!!! woo hoo hope mine goes as fast!!!! Enjoy you hols...where are you off hun x


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Thanks Nic and fattybumbum, going to Lykia world in Turkey
Cool...is that the one with all the water skide and is like a little village (if it is i have been looking at that and it loks fandabydosy) so jealous...i am going to get to my weight and maintain before i go so i know then i can resist


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Good going hun. Yep...everyone is right..You are going to look a babe on your hols. This diet is really worth all the hard work isn't it. You'll enjoy your holiday so much more coz you'll not be hiding yourself away. Go and flaunt it hun. Well done.
Awww thanks Shaz Ireally feel so different, and much more confident its amazing how weight affects us isn't it ?
Yeh Nic , I think its the same one we are going on friends recommendation who went last year and said it was brill .


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Cool...you will have to tell me all about it and i can have another look was it expensive? or did you find a bargain?
SHAZ - Do you have that one?


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Not sure what you mean Nic....are you talking about me being a travel agent?


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yup hun that village theme park thingy in turkey! a few posts up xxx Just wondering if you got any good deals xxx and would the weather still be nice in november xx and the water park open?
We booked it last summer and its gone up £1000 for the sametime since then. When I looked for the summer end of july it was £4458 we paid £2078 for me, hubby and youngest daughter. Eldest daughter 22 so we don't take her anymore, not like she'd wanna come!
Lucky cos daughter's got 2 weeks off school at the end of May . Prefer to go the tbh not so hot and packed.


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I work for Hays Travel and we are independant so basically if that holiday is for sale....I can sell it. As you can see from BSLIM4HOLS post, its not a cheap property, but I like to think I can't get beaten on price.....November will be quieter...things start to close down end Oct time so the waterpark is likely to be closed...only guessing though!


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doh!!!! I wanted to go for my 30th mmmm re think needed i think!!!

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