week 5 weigh in


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lost 3...making a total of 21 lbs...I had a real toddler strop at the weekend and although I didnt eat I drank hardly any water...just because...grrr

Im really surprised I lost 3....onward and slimward.....
Well done Shona!! I lost 3lbs last week and did feel a little dissapointed as I want to get this weight off extra quickly. But hey ho 3lbs is 3lbs!! Its better off than on!! I find the weekends really hard as everyone in my house has treats ect!! It drives me mad.
I am just so happy that everyday I am burning pure FAT!!
Keep up the good work!!
Well done Shona, you are doing brilliantly - a stone and a half in 5 weeks is amazing when you think about it.

I didn't do it the easy way either but hey ho, I got there in the end.