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Week 5 weigh in


My husband = My hero
Morning Guys,

Not done one of these before, but bt upset today so thought i would to feel better :eek:

I lost 4lbs this week, not over the moon as had 6lbs off last week,

BUT having not been well, havnt done a tap of excercise,

AND i am under 100kgs for the first time in 3 years


Love u all xxxxx
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I'm losing it big time !!
You're doing brilliantly hun, and 4lbs is a great loss you should be proud after the week you've had. Well done on getting under the 100kg now that should cheer you up in itself xxx


My husband = My hero
Thankyou ladies, i appreciate it millions :)

just got back from the dEntit, cried my eyes out, had to have my 1st ever filling, and cos am on lipotrim wasnt allowed an injection, hurt so much :(

an my fella was meant to coe an hold my hand but he got stuck on a workin weekend in the army, so i had to go on my own, an am in so much pain :(

least i lost 4lbs ey... xx
well done love thats a brilliant loss


My husband = My hero
fanx lovely, hws the refeed goin???


Getting thinner everyday!
Congrats on getting under 100K. That's fantastic and a milestone for you.

Well done you. 4lbs is a good loss. Just think of that picture of 1lb of fat and times it by 4. That is loads!!!!!!

Hope you're feeling better soon. I haven't been well either and it is hard sticking to it when you feel rotten. Soldier on and you'll be better soon and be proud of yourself for getting through it without breaking your diet.

Alex :)


My husband = My hero
Thankyou sweetie's that waslovely of u!

i jus had a bad mornign thats all!!

i am happy with my weight loss, if lost over 2 stone in a month, so thats nothin to turn my nose up at!!

i feel fantastic! jus need a hug today hehe xxx


My husband = My hero
glad to hear it love, uv done fantastically, and u deserve to keep it off!!
Thats 4lb closer to your target Honey. Sending you a big hug!! xxx Did your dress fit ya?? Your doing so well, you didnt cave in even when you forgot your shakes. Next week will be better hon!! Look at you less than 100kgs!! xx Keep it up luv


My husband = My hero
hey sweetie!! thanks as always for your lovely reply!!

i know, im absolutely made up with my loss now, iv thought it over, and 4lbs is a huge loss!! im so happy, im the lightest iv been in years, and i had a fantastic run today,

i overcame a huge fear this morning and am so proud of myself!!

Dress ALMOST fits, zip has like 1cm to go up lol

so really hoping if i go mad with the running today i will be able to get it on next weekend!! (cross everything uv got!!)

how are u my lovely?
well done lovelylauren. 4lb is great
Wow!!! Over 2 stone in 5 weeks that's not something I'd be disappointed about. Well done you!!! :D
hey babe, bet your lookin fab... eurghh dentists!!!xxx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Well done honey - thats a great loss! You're looking great :)


My husband = My hero
Thankyou everyone!

woke up today feelin loads better, 5 more sleeps til OH is home, really missin him this week thinks thats why iv been down in the dumps, still got a bangin headache but sure that will go soon enough!

Thanks all for cheerin me up xx


Here we go again!
Well done on the 4lbs Lauren, that's great weight loss. If I could have that every week I will be well pleased. Hope your mouth is feeling better today and just think, that dress will be on and zipped up and looking stunning. Keep going with the good work and you will get to your goal in no time. (Like the new photo, I might be brave and get my daughter to take one and put it on here this week!)


My husband = My hero
ooohh u so shud!! its always lovely to put a face to a name!!! do it do it!! hehe

yer i feel loads better, and 4lbs a week would put me perfectly on target for my birthday so im made up!!

how are you getting on? xx

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