Week 5 WI - Start refeed today !!

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Hi All,

I lost another 3lb this week !! Started refeed today (so I can eat, drink and be merry at a christmas gathering next week).

I have just had the best chicken salad ever lol..

I'll be back on LT the 2nd Jan - got another 2 stone to lose..

Hope everyone has had a gr8 week!:happy096:

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Well done Sarah!! I'm a week behind you, our "do" is the 19th and I have 25lbs to go. Roll on 2nd Jan!! XX


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hey guys, what exactly can you eat when you refeed? im gonna be off LT for 4 days in January and I really wanna make sure I dont put alot back on. i looked at the maintenance bars and was thinking that I might have 1 for brekkie 1 for lunch and then enjoy my evening meals out with my other half. would that work?


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There's a proper refeed plan.
Basically it's 2 shakes and a bit of chicken and salad on day 1. 1 shake and 2 chicken (or fish) and salads on days 2 and 3
Days 4-7 you can add a potato and a slice of bread (not at the same meal)
I did it prior to a holiday and lost nearly 3lbs that week. Then I went on holiday and was able to have a few extras and alcoholic drinks. I still managed to lose a pound over the two week holiday!
Shows how important doing a proper refeed is really.
I think you'll find the proper refeed info on the website. I got mine from the chemist.


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Well done on your refeed. hope to start mine next week to enjoy christmas food.:)


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Well done FF! Good luck with the re feed and have fun! :D


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well done on losing 3lbs this week, how much have ya lost so far?


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Well done Sarah on the 3lbs loss!!! good luck with refeed & starting back jan...Caz xx