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Week 6 and its still going!!!


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Just reporting in on my week 6 weight loss which is 4lb, am very happy!! Although i have to admit that i am now finding it a bit harder than at the beginning, am a little fed up of shakes, soups and bars but am determined to carry on as 2 stone in 6 weeks is not to be sniffed at!!

It's my birthday on Sunday and can't decide whether to have a sensible meal out or forget it and just carry on, i think i will see what the day brings.

Hope the rest of you are having good weight losses and doing well this week too!:):)
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Skinny minny to be!!

You're doing great! 2st in 6wks is brilliant! :D
Wow your half way there going by your ticker well done you must be so proud of yourself.

Have you noticed a change in your clothes yet??

Have you tried the tetras to mix it up a little?? I freeze the chocolate ones and bring them into work the next day.. they melt by around 10.30am.. like eating ice cream... I dont take the shakes anymore they're too sweet for me.

So I have my frozen tetra in the morning, bar at aroung 2 or 3 with a cup of tea .. then soup when I get home around 6
Fabulous weight loss...and enjoy your birthday.

You would also try mix a mousse...for a change or making a muffin out of a shake pack.Loads of pack ideas in the sticky....sometimes it is good to mix it up a bit


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thanks jelly belly, i am proud of myself and the difference in my clothes and shape is amazing, i have gone from a very very tight 18 on the bottom to a loose 16 and an 18 sometimes pushing a 20 on the top to a comfortable 16 so am very very pleased, i feel a million times better and its great that im almost halfway there.

That's a good idea about the tetras i will try the ice cream thingy as sounds yummy and is something different, i think i will also try soups again as have been off them for a while.

thanks for the tips and well done on your weight loss too!


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Susan, your weight loss is amazing, you must be so pleased with yourself!!

thanks for your tips, will have a play around this week, am not going to let myself get bored.
Well done Nat 2lbs for me this week, but did have 2 dine outs. great to see you got to 2 stone. I'm going away this week so having a week off. I will def be back SSing the week after so we'll catch up then.
Carol (cillabatty)
know what u mean about the birthday thing mines on the 21st April. I would like to go out and just be carb free which would keep me in ketosis but once in frankie n benny's I know the salad will not be an option!


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that's exactly my worry debbie, i will go out full of good intentions but will they last when i see the menu??!! but on the other hand its only one meal, it won't make me put on my 2st loss now will it, and i won't have trouble carrying on with ss as am too determined!!

i will report back on monday morning!!

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