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Week 7 over now into Week 8!


Just back from my week 7 weigh in and am down another 1.5 lbs! I must admit I do feel a little bit cheated but I do know a loss is still a loss all the same. I have not been doing much exercise over the last 7 weeks so I hope to try and get a bit under my belt this next few weeks. I am still determined and very much over the moon with my achievment to date. Just need to accept that some weeks the losses are going to be lower. I am still on target to being 12st by the time my dress fitting comes round tho...

Heres to the start of week 8. I have also been having milk in my coffee since day one of this diet so I am going to do a little experiment and ditch the milk totally to see if that really does make a difference!
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Hello looks like you have been doing great so far,keep it up in loving reading about peoples weight loss and for the first time its making me excited about wanting to loose weight lol



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S: 12st10lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.49%)
Well done Pineapple :) Its still a loss! You'll probably have a big loss next week :)

So have you been checking that your in ketosis when you have milk? Which milk do you have? Skimmed or semi? i wouldnt mind having a bit of milk cos i cant drink tea without it.. so i havent been drinking tea! Oh and how much milk do you have each day? Sorry for all the questions!!!
I have about 3/4 cups of coffee a fay and prob put in about average amount for a normal person. I have not been checking my ketones, but I have not been hungry like you would think I wold have been, unless of course I I'm just used to not eating? I will deffo stop it this week tho for my experiment - oh and its skimmed I have been using, been on it since day one! x
It may be worth buying some ketone sticks to check then? I am not condoning what I do and not recommending it as everyone is different. All I know is up until this week, I had still been having fab losses, not sure if its finally caught up with me or just a slow week? nEXT WEEK WILL TELL!


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.49%)
I have some ketostix so i can monitor it. I know i have got away with having other things and stayed in ketosis, so milk shouldnt be too much of a problem!
Oh aye! What other things you little madam! Only kidding! I am gonna up the exercise this week as well, as pharmacist said with me being lighter now, my body does not need as much energy to lug it about!! So am not gettign away with just walking the dog now, gonna go swimming tomorrow morning, will also help tone the good old bingo wings!!


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When I did the diet back in Oct/Nov I had semi skimmed everyday. I only have two cups of tea a day and my ketostix was lovely and purple in the mornings so that is fine for me. I'm just trying to lose another stone...maybe stone and a half so I'm not bothered if it takes a bit longer. I have emergency food in for if I feel weak. Because I've done Atkins in the past I know which foods I can eat and stay in ketosis, but I'm going to try and be good and not cheat. I'm happy with a weight loss of 2-3lbs a week. Good luck guys.
Its fine to hear other people getting away with milk and still keeping in ketosis, I must admit I wasna looking forward to coffee with no milk, maybe I'll have 1 with and one sup without - cut it down! LOL!
I have 13.5 lbs lose til I hit my own target, then I'll decide if I want another half stone off or not. For me I'd be happy with 3lbs or more each week. I'm a greedy sod aint I!!
Hey pineapple - well done you for another good week, you are a shrinking woman!!!

BTW what foods can you eat and stay in ketosis?
LOL Lillie - you can read my mind!!!

I have been craving food for the last couple of days and for the first time been really tempted to eat something just for one day. So when I saw that post about some foods keeping you in ketosis I thought mmmmmmmm maybe I could have a bit of something that wouldn't do much damage. But as I know only to well how I work it would turn into a massive binge :(

But it would be handy to have something in the house .....:)
Hiya girls, as far as I am aware so long as its a bit of protien (chicken, tuna, cheese, egg) you eat then yuo should stay in ketosis. I think you are right to be vary tho, as if you get away with something you might be brave and try more. It be a hard slippery slope to get off? Just a thought?

Shrinking woman - LOL!!! I was feling really fat all week, then I had to remember how I must have felt before the 33.5 lbs were off! Funnily enough I coulda really remember! How wierd is that?
Oh DaisyBank, DONT think like that! Come n, you have done so so well to get this far, dnt throw it away for a wee scabby egg and sme fattening Mayo. It really wont taste nearly as god as losing weight feels. Now come on, banash all these silly thought of eating smething to stay in ketosis, the only way we can truly be sure is to not cheat. You with me?!
yeah I guess so - you are right of course. I don't know why its happened now I have been fine up to now. I know I would hate myself tomorrow if I did have a binge. Thanks for your support :)


weighs a lot less
daisybank i have also been thinking about food today but im on week 5 and it would be a shame to mess up now pineapple is definetly right ,will have to go back to dreaming about it instead!
Bit late but well done pineapple!! Keep up the good work xxx

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